14 Mar 2024



KUALA LUMPUR, 5 March 2024 – TM Global, the domestic and international wholesale
business arm of TM, clinched top honours in two prestigious categories: Telecom Company of
the Year – Malaysia, and the Wholesale Company Initiative of the Year – Malaysia, at the Asian
Telecom Awards held in Singapore. This marks the second consecutive year TM Global has
received these accolades, solidifying its position as a leader in shaping the telecommunications
landscape within Malaysia and across Asia.

Khairul Liza Ibrahim, Executive Vice President of TM Global, said, "The awards underscore TM
Global’s efforts as a catalyst of digital adoption across industries and the nation’s 5G ecosystem.
Internationally, we serve as the gateway for businesses seeking to expand into ASEAN and vice
versa. TM Global plays a pivotal role in advancing AI implementation and platform-play services
and remains committed to driving innovation and bringing connectivity and digitalisation to all
corners of the country."

She further emphasised TM Global's transition from a traditional telco wholesaler to a digital
enabler, "Our strategic shift up the value chain has enabled us to deliver a versatile edge
ecosystem, empowering the next wave of technologies and applications. This recognition is a
reaffirmation of our work in pioneering digital solutions to transcend borders and driving
connectivity across the region."

TM Global’s initiatives continue to help narrow the digital divide and nurture digital opportunities
through the expansion of high-capacity connectivity infrastructure nationwide and the deployment
of two additional International Internet Gateways in East Malaysia. Internationally, TM Global
continued to bolster its connectivity strength, facilitate content distribution through TM Edge, and
expand its platform services to connect service providers worldwide with the vibrant ASEAN

The Asian Telecom Awards, hosted by the Asian Telecom magazine, a publication of the global
Charlton Media Group, honours businesses and initiatives that are not only driving progress in
the telecom industry, but have also ignited transformative shifts that have reshaped the digital
landscape. These recognitions are a testament to TM Global’s ability to support regional and
international service providers through comprehensive digital infrastructure solutions, providing a
seamless gateway for their expansion into the region.


23 Oct 2023
Unifi TV Launches Original Content

Kuala Lumpur, 23 October 2023 – Unifi TV today launched Unifi TV Originals, its own original production to provide greater diversity and valuable content to its viewers. The series and movies line up are locally tailored to satisfy Malaysian viewers which include urban legends, folklore stories and social issues familiar to Malaysians. Customers will be able to enjoy Unifi TV Original series and movies starting with the first series of “Nak Dengar Cerita Hantu?” directed by Sabri Yunus and written by Sophillea. This is an 8-episode series of Malaysian urban legends and folklore tales passed down through generations. The casts featuring renowned local talents such as Namron, Beto Kusyairi, Nora Danish, Uqasha Senrose, Elizabeth Tan, Sean Lee, Thanuja and more will ensure the series remain a true Malaysian affair. Catch the premier of the series on 27 October 2023 with new episodes every Friday at 9.00pm, exclusively on DEGUP (Unifi TV channel 120).  Viewers who missed the 9.00pm time slot, will be able to catch the episode through Unifi TV’s Catch Up feature. The series can also be streamed over the Unifi TV app. Anand Vijayan, TM’s Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President of Unifi said, “We are excited to launch our Unifi TV Originals on DEGUP channel. These original productions allow us to compete with other content platforms and providers, offering diverse content to our viewers. This will also create opportunities to the local entertainment industry to showcase their work.” Partnering with local production houses; Golden Adventure Creative (Nak Dengar Cerita Hantu?), NS Star Sdn. Bhd. (Gemersik Berbisik series) and Nuansa Sdn. Bhd. (Bara Jiwa series) with well-known directors and cast like Sabri Yunus, Osman Ali, Amorizan, Elisya Sandha, Ezzrin Loy, Yasmin Hani and many more, Unifi TV aspires to produce high-quality and exciting content, for its viewers through Unifi TV Originals. “The rest of the original series spanning action, horror and thriller genres will be released in the next 12 months. Working with experienced talents in the industry will ensure the delivery of top-quality drama series and movies and we hope that this produces the best content for our Unifi TV subscribers while supporting development of the local entertainment industry,” concluded Anand. To find out more about Unifi TV and its current offerings, visit https://unifi.com.my/tv.  

01 Jul 2021
TM and Cybersecurity Malaysia join forces to strengthen national cyberspace resilience

Both companies will leverage each other’s expertise, technical capabilities and global best practices to create a safer and more robust cyber ecosystem. Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) via its enterprise and public sector business solutions arm, TM ONE, today sealed a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) with CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cybersecurity specialist agency under the purview of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM), to empower and strengthen the level of cybersecurity in Malaysia. The MoC was signed in a virtual event by Dato' Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Abdul Wahab FASc, Chief Executive Officer, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), TM. The ceremony was witnessed by General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Mohamed (Retired) Chairman of the Board of Directors, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohd Bakke Salleh, Chairman of TM. The event was also graced by the presence of YB Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. Commenting on key aspects of the memorandum, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohd Bakke Salleh noted: "We are honoured to collaborate with CyberSecurity Malaysia in this strategic initiative, which is aimed at elevating the nation's cybersecurity network and ecosystem and strengthening Malaysia's self-reliance in cyberspace. It is vital for the adoption of cybersecurity to be in tandem with the pace of transformation in order to secure our digital economy. Being a strategic partner, it is our pleasure to lend our expertise not just for this initiative but in Malaysia's mission to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities. This collaboration will enable both parties to enhance the ability of the public and business sectors to fend off cyberattacks that can come from all corners of the world and make cybersecurity a key thrust towards a sustainable digital economy, digital government and digital society. TM as the enabler of Digital Malaysia, is here to bridge the need for cybersecurity in order to successfully use cloud services; and to enable organisations to focus on their transformation journey, securely and comfortably." Meanwhile, General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Mohamed (Retired) said, "As a cybersecurity specialist and technical agency, CyberSecurity Malaysia is strongly committed to ensure the e-Security aspects of the country and will continue to identify areas that could endanger national security and the well-being of the people. The main focus is to strengthen capacity through monitoring and providing effective response towards cyber threats and attacks to avoid major impact. With the signing of this strategic partnership, the principles and mechanisms of collaboration will enable both entities to merge and benefit from each other's technology and expertise, thus enabling both organisations to act as commercial strategic partners locally and internationally." The initiative between both parties includes the sharing of global best practices, leveraging each other's technical capabilities and is set to deliver optimal cybersecurity technology solutions to local enterprises and public sectors. TM's role encompasses offering end-to-end comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to both Malaysia and the world. This is delivered principally through CYDEC, which is a portfolio of active cyber defense capabilities, managed security products and services, powered by TM's Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). CYDEC is indeed paving the way for greater digital trust and cyber resilience in the digital era. These managed security services ensure access to real-time, continuous, predictive cybersecurity, quickly and without complexity, for added assurance and is well-positioned to secure and protect our nation's strategic Critical Network & Information Infrastructure (CNII). Another key aspect of this strategic collaboration is to explore the development of advanced security monitoring capabilities by tapping on TM ONE's extensive cloud infrastructure. Both parties will also endeavour to advance digital forensic capabilities and enhance incident response services. This will eventually feature cyber-outreach, a capability and capacity development programme, which will help to upscale the skillset and digital intelligence potential of Malaysia's public and private sector workforce. This MoC also signals the continued urgency of addressing the relentless surge of cyber threats impacting both the public and business sectors as a fundamental step to enabling a sustainable, safe and successful digital society. TM ONE CYDEC cybersecurity solution comprises four (4) key elements: Managed Security Service Provider – an end-to-end security solution and management in real-time through predictive protection on private or public networks Cybersecurity Subscription Service – a self-service Digital Risk Protection portal powered by a renowned global telecommunications player, Telefonica Digital Identity Services – provide authority certificates and digital signatures that comply with Malaysia's regulatory and legal systems Professional Services – offers holistic security consulting and assessment services on an organisation's cybersecurity strategy and landscape For further information on TM ONE CYDEC cybersecurity solution, visit www.tmone.com.my/solutions/cybersecurity-services and for more info on CyberSecurity Malaysia, visit www.cybersecurity.my.

25 Nov 2021
As nation shows encouraging signs of recovery, TM posts strong results for first nine months of 2021 revenue up 6.8%, net profit increases 7.7%

Group Operating Revenue in Jan - Sept 2021 (YTD Sept) grew 6.8% to RM8.38 billion compared to the same period last year Continued focus in supporting the nation's sustainability and recovery has resulted in Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) posting a strong financial result in the first nine months of 2021. Fuelled by high demand for digital connectivity and solutions, TM continues its positive trajectory for the year with a solid performance in the third quarter (3Q2021). YTD Sept 2021 Financial Highlights (vs YTD Sept 2020) Solid revenue growth, with a 6.8% increase to RM8.38 billion, from RM7.84 billion in the same period last year. This achievement is driven by revenue increase from all lines of products, particularly Internet services which saw a 6.8% increase on the back of steady growth in fixed broadband customer base. Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) grew by 17.1% to RM1,414.8 million, from RM1,208.6 million as a result of revenue growth and continuous cost optimisation initiatives. PATAMI increased by 7.7% to RM815.3 million compared to RM756.7 million, following sound operating profits. Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer of TM commented: "Throughout 2021, we've focused our efforts to deliver digital connectivity and solutions in supporting the sustainability and recovery of our country. As a result, we are able to deliver another solid quarter of revenue and net profit growth. Our next focus will be on delivering enhanced customer experience and strengthening our digital offerings across all customer segments in unifi, TM ONE and TM WHOLESALE. With movement control restrictions in Malaysia continue to be eased and the economy gains momentum, we remain committed to serve the nation. We will continue to play our leading role in Malaysia's digitalisation drive outlined by the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) action plan, 2022 Budget and the 12th Malaysian Plan, including MyDIGITAL blueprint. As we continue our shift towards becoming a human-centred technology company, we will develop innovative solutions and drive digital adoption across our broad customer base of home, SME, corporate and Government customers – anchored on enhanced customer experience. Supporting this evolution, will be our new way of working at TM – focusing on increased productivity through digitalisation and process automation, upskilling of our existing workforce and welcoming new digital talents." Driving digital adoption and a new way of working in the post-pandemic era TM recorded the highest increase in unifi subscribers for three consecutive quarters. In the quarter under review, TM registered an additional 210,000 new unifi subscribers in both the consumer and micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) segments. This record-breaking growth is fuelled by high demand for connectivity and digitalisation tools which have become an important necessity. To deliver this demand, TM has been adding higher number of broadband ports and delivering a wider fibre network coverage. This expansion has exceeded TM's committed targets in JENDELA action plan. The fast network rollout together with strong frontline support, a steady marketing push and speedy installation had cemented customer's confidence and trust. Beyond connectivity, unifi has steadily strengthened its entertainment proposition with the addition of 19 new content offerings comprising 7 content streaming services and 12 new channels. Supporting the Government's push to digitalise MSMEs, unifi registered encouraging increase of productivity and digital tools utilisation amongst its 375,000 MSME customers, leveraging the Government's Digitalisation Grant. Focusing on enhanced customer experience Customer experience remains our key focus across all segments and we continue to introduce new experience features and improvements in this area. For unifi customers, we continue to innovate and improve in the management of user experience. We now provide customers with a proactive early detection and intervention support for broadband connectivity and ensuring fast resolution of service. As a market leader, TM commits to a continued focus on customer experience, with progressive releases of more new experience leveraging on analytics. TM WHOLESALE was recently awarded the Best Asia Pacific Zero Outage Supplier by T-Systems amidst intense competition from other established telcos in the region. This recognition signifies TM's commitment and focus to provide the best quality service to our telco and hyperscaler customers. Enabling digital solutions in the Enterprise and Public sectors TM ONE remains steadfast in its commitment to realise the nation's MyDIGITAL blueprint and support efforts to rebuild the economy in both the Enterprise and Public sectors. New sales and contract renewal across the Enterprise and Public sectors are encouraging in the post pandemic recovery period with TM ONE providing digital connectivity and solutions for the Digital Community Centre in rural areas, regional cloud services and major financial institutions. TM ONE maintains its role as a trusted business partner driving digital transformation for Enterprise and Public sectors especially in business process automation via partnerships with global digitalisation partners such as SAP. Delivering network for the Industry TM WHOLESALE continues its "telco for telcos" role by providing wholesale services and solutions to all Malaysian licensed service providers. In line with the overall growth of broadband, TM WHOLESALE recorded high demand for its wholesale broadband service. As the primary mobile backhaul provider for the industry, TM WHOLESALE registered an increase in bandwidth utilisation of its Next Generation Backhaul service by major mobile telcos. This also positions TM as a capable enabler for Malaysia's 5G network deployment. Internationally, TM WHOLESALE continues to strengthen its partnership ecosystem with global telcos and hyperscalers, and has recorded significant growth of international bandwidth traffic. This is further complemented by the coverage increase of the global content delivery network (CDN) with more than 80 CDN nodes worldwide.  TM WHOLESALE has also established a collaboration with a Tier 1 Internet Protocol (IP) transit provider – Tata Communications – to offer high-speed and reliable connectivity in the ASEAN region and open access to global enterprises. At the same time, we have successfully on boarded more than 15 major international hyperscalers and digital service providers in TM's core data centres. All of the above positions Malaysia positively as a digital and technology hub in ASEAN. A socially responsible Corporate Citizen TM played its part in supporting the fight against COVID-19 via various programmes. Overall, TM has contributed over RM9.5 million for humanitarian and community initiatives this year including to Tabung CERDIK and COVID-19 GLC/GLIC (GDRN) fund. TM also provided digital connectivity services to more than 400 PPVs nationwide, in addition to converting three of its premises into PPVs at its Multimedia University (MMU) campuses in Cyberjaya and Melaka, plus Kompleks TM Taiping. TM had also spent over RM16.0 million on several safety protocols and preventive measures across its customer operations to ensure the wellbeing of our frontliners and customers. These measures include providing personal protective equipment (PPE), weekly COVID-19 screening, UV air treatment and other workplace measures.


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