Connecting everyone to a sustainable future today.

Our Sustainability Journey

Our strategic goal of becoming a Digital Powerhouse aligns seamlessly with our sustainability agenda. As a company that is deeply rooted in Malaysia’s growth, we have always aimed to align our business with what is best for society not just our bottomline.

We see ourselves as a catalyst for wider change, driving a collective move towards sustainability that transcends our immediate business operations and contributing to a better future for all.

Contributing To The Sustainability Agenda

We strategically align with two (2) SDGs that resonate closely with our core business functions: SDG9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) and SDG17 (Partnerships for Goals). This alignment emphasises our focus on areas where our core strengths can have the most significant impact, while still acknowledging our contributions to other SDGs.

  We directly contribute to 2 priorities in UN SDGs

SUS Agenda

  Achievements we’re proud of

SUS Achieve

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