01 Sep 2022

TM shines the spotlight on an unsung hero this Hari Kebangsaan through interactive 360º wayang kulit performance

TM shines the spotlight on an unsung hero this Hari Kebangsaan through interactive 360º wayang kulit performance Article Header

​Most of us are familiar with the many great gentlemen heroes who fought for the nation’s Independence, such as Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dato' Onn Jaafar.

This year, however, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is shining the spotlight on one of the women “Tokoh Kemerdekaan”, Tan Sri Hajah Zainon Binti Sulaiman, also known as Ibu Zain, who played a pivotal role in inspiring Malaysians to unite and stand up as one.

Her inspiring yet lesser-known story was captured in a Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia film titled “Ibu, Kisah Seorang Tokoh Kemerdekaan”, to celebrate the spirit of Malaysia’s independence and as an example of strength through unity.

Aptly and equally inspiring too is that the film is narrated by her own daughter, Fadzilah Amin (Tok Lah), one of the most respected lecturers and educators in the country.

The film is part of TM‘s Mengukir Malaysia initiative to celebrate and preserve our local  culture through innovative technologies that enhances  and elevates its delivery and enables Malaysians of all ages to better appreciate the richness of Malaysia’s heritage.

Aimed at reconnecting people with the nation’s history and preserving the country’s rich heritage, TM brought to life the art of Wayang Kulit (shadow play), one of the earliest forms of animation in Southeast Asia, to tell the story of Ibu Zain.

The project was born from one premise: ‘What if we could shine a light on a forgotten Malaysia hero through an art form that is also fading?’

Shanti Jusnita Johari, Chief Marketing Officer, TM, said, “Through our Mengukir Malaysia initiative, we aspire to leverage technologies that not only changes the way we live, work and play, but also enhances our perspectives and ideas, drawing from our local culture and history to remind us about what’s made us a great nation.   

“This Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia, we wanted to remember and celebrate Malaysia’s many unsung heroes, such as Ibu Zain, who made our country great. We hope that through this short film, people will be encouraged to learn more about this historical icon as we commemorate her legacy via Wayang Kulit, one of the first forms of storytelling by our ancestors which we must also preserve.”

In ensuring that the film stays true to the ancient art of Wayang Kulit, TM found the perfect partner in Tintoy Chuo and his Tok Dalang from Fusion Wayang Kulit, who are renowned for their unique take on the art of Wayang Kulit. Their efforts to bring Wayang Kulit into the digital 21st century has garnered international attention, putting Malaysian Wayang Kulit on the world map.

For this collaboration, TM and Tintoy Chuo weaved in virtual reality technology, bringing the Wayang Kulit experience to school children from across the nation’s 13 States. Sharing Ibu Zain’s story in a way that harmonised both heritage and digitalisation was one of the messages TM aimed to highlight about Malaysia’s unique make up and to celebrate both its history and aspirations during this Hari Kebangsaan.

On top of the Hari Kebangsaan film, audiences can also visit www.tm.com.my/mengukirmalaysia  to immerse themselves into the world of Wayang Kulit, Ibu Zain and TM‘s Mengukir Malaysia initiative through videos, a 360º interactive Wayang Kulit experience, behind the scene content and many more.

Fans of Wayang Kulit can also visit TM‘s social media pages to use the Wayang Kulit filters and be part of the show.


31 Mar 2021
TM calls on members of the public to donate pre-loved devices to the MYBAIKHATI campaign

Three (3) TMpoint outlets in Klang Valley now ready to accept device donations for B40 families Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is supporting MYBAIKHATI, an industry-wide device crowdsourcing initiative aimed to collect and repair used communication devices to be distributed to low income families (B40). TM has set up three (3) of its TMpoint outlets in the Klang Valley as collection points to facilitate the donation drive. The outlets are TM Experience Centre (TMEC) at Menara TM, Bangsar; TMpoint Cyberjaya and TMpoint Shah Alam. The collection points will be progressively expanded nationwide in the near future. Commenting on TM Group's participation, Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer, TM said: "Everyone should have access to digital devices, especially in these times. The MYBAIKHATI campaign aims to provide the B40 community with usable smart devices for digital learning, work and business, so they have the means to weather through this unprecedented period. TM is excited to be part of this industry-wide initiative as together, we can help to alleviate the burden of the underprivileged and at the same time reduce the digital gap. We have kick-started this year-long donation campaign by setting up three (3) of our TMpoint outlets in the Klang Valley as the designated collection points in this pilot phase; so members of the public who are keen to donate can conveniently drop off their devices. We will definitely explore more locations nationwide to enable more people to take part and make their contribution." "We hope our fellow Malaysians, individuals and businesses, can come forth in the spirit of caring and generosity by donating your pre-loved used laptops, chromebooks, 4G-enabled tablets or 4G smartphones. The campaign runs for 12 months, so we hope you have ample time to sift through your belongings or consider a donation as you upgrade the devices for your own families. After making your contribution with us, don't forget to redeem a special token of appreciation for your kind gesture. Please join us in this collective effort towards enabling a more digital society, digital businesses and ultimately, a Digital Malaysia," he added. TM calls for all Malaysians and members of the public, be it individuals or companies to donate their used devices. TM will repair and refurbish devices that meet the terms and conditions with an allocation of up to RM500 for each device. The refurbished devices will then be distributed to eligible families in the B40 segment, through an appointed Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), or through other various channels including selected "Pusat Internet Komuniti" (PIKs) nationwide. The donated devices that do not meet the requirements of the initiative will be responsibly recycled via the existing e-Waste programme. To be part of this noble initiative, simply follow these simple steps:​ Make sure your device is in working condition and is complete with its charger. Do make sure that your personal information and data has been completely deleted Bring the device(s) to the designated TMpoint outlets, meet with our staff and fill up the Device Contribution Form as well as the Contribution Acknowledgement Form Place the device(s) in the storage facility provided Redeem a token of our appreciation for your donation For more information on how you can be part of MYBAIKHATI initiative supported by TM, visit www.tm.com.my/mybaikhati.

03 Oct 2020
TM helps local entrepreneurs in Perlis to meet their digital needs

“Program Usahawan Digital Bersama TM” is set to empower local entrepreneurs in Beseri and Padang Besar with digital tools ​​​​Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), through TM Perlis and Kedah, today organised a special programme on digital awareness for local entrepreneurs in Beseri and Padang Besar at Dewan KEMAS, Alor Tampang, Beseri, Perlis.​ Aptly titled "Program Usahawan Digital Bersama TM", the programme was officiated by YB Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin, Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. Also present were YB Rozieana Ahmad, Exco of Education, Human Resource Development, Science and Technology Innovation, Information Technology and Communications, Datuk Rozlan Mohamed, Regional Head Northern, TM, Anis Ahmad Mohd Ibrahim, State General Manager, TM Perlis and Kedah, as well as Azhar Abdul Rahman, State Office Director, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Speaking at the event, YB Datuk Zahidi said: "The Government continues to organise programmes skewed towards the development of digital economy, which are very relevant in today's new normal. In shifting the entrepreneurs to digital journey, it needs to be supported with the right skills and knowledge in ensuring the entrepreneurs' sustainability. Thus, we laud TM's initiatives such as today's event to increase the digital awareness and further promote the adoption of digital tools amongst the local entrepreneurs, including in sub-urban area." Meanwhile in his speech, Datuk Rozlan said that this programme reflects TM's commitment towards enabling the digital economy. "Digital is the way to go and "the name of the game" for businesses nowadays. So businesses, including local entrepreneurs need to keep abreast of and quickly adapt the digital technologies to stay ahead. Today's "Program Usahawan Digital Bersama TM" is among our initiatives to facilitate this and we are excited to play our role towards this end." "We have various solutions for entrepreneurs to get on board the digital journey to grow their business further. So, we really hope they will grab this opportunity to get business tips and know-how for their benefits. In addition, we are rapidly upgrading our network infrastructure in Beseri and Padang Besar to Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) to enable communities in the areas to enjoy unifi high speed broadband services. This fits well with the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) action plan which aspires to deliver connectivity for all," he added. The overall network upgrading exercise for Perlis is expected to be fully completed by end of 2021. At the event, TM Perlis and Kedah also handed over its zakat contribution of RM250 each to 15 selected asnaf residing in Beseri reflecting its caring side to the communities.​ 

25 Nov 2021
As nation shows encouraging signs of recovery, TM posts strong results for first nine months of 2021 revenue up 6.8%, net profit increases 7.7%

Group Operating Revenue in Jan - Sept 2021 (YTD Sept) grew 6.8% to RM8.38 billion compared to the same period last year Continued focus in supporting the nation's sustainability and recovery has resulted in Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) posting a strong financial result in the first nine months of 2021. Fuelled by high demand for digital connectivity and solutions, TM continues its positive trajectory for the year with a solid performance in the third quarter (3Q2021). YTD Sept 2021 Financial Highlights (vs YTD Sept 2020) Solid revenue growth, with a 6.8% increase to RM8.38 billion, from RM7.84 billion in the same period last year. This achievement is driven by revenue increase from all lines of products, particularly Internet services which saw a 6.8% increase on the back of steady growth in fixed broadband customer base. Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) grew by 17.1% to RM1,414.8 million, from RM1,208.6 million as a result of revenue growth and continuous cost optimisation initiatives. PATAMI increased by 7.7% to RM815.3 million compared to RM756.7 million, following sound operating profits. Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer of TM commented: "Throughout 2021, we've focused our efforts to deliver digital connectivity and solutions in supporting the sustainability and recovery of our country. As a result, we are able to deliver another solid quarter of revenue and net profit growth. Our next focus will be on delivering enhanced customer experience and strengthening our digital offerings across all customer segments in unifi, TM ONE and TM WHOLESALE. With movement control restrictions in Malaysia continue to be eased and the economy gains momentum, we remain committed to serve the nation. We will continue to play our leading role in Malaysia's digitalisation drive outlined by the Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) action plan, 2022 Budget and the 12th Malaysian Plan, including MyDIGITAL blueprint. As we continue our shift towards becoming a human-centred technology company, we will develop innovative solutions and drive digital adoption across our broad customer base of home, SME, corporate and Government customers – anchored on enhanced customer experience. Supporting this evolution, will be our new way of working at TM – focusing on increased productivity through digitalisation and process automation, upskilling of our existing workforce and welcoming new digital talents." Driving digital adoption and a new way of working in the post-pandemic era TM recorded the highest increase in unifi subscribers for three consecutive quarters. In the quarter under review, TM registered an additional 210,000 new unifi subscribers in both the consumer and micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) segments. This record-breaking growth is fuelled by high demand for connectivity and digitalisation tools which have become an important necessity. To deliver this demand, TM has been adding higher number of broadband ports and delivering a wider fibre network coverage. This expansion has exceeded TM's committed targets in JENDELA action plan. The fast network rollout together with strong frontline support, a steady marketing push and speedy installation had cemented customer's confidence and trust. Beyond connectivity, unifi has steadily strengthened its entertainment proposition with the addition of 19 new content offerings comprising 7 content streaming services and 12 new channels. Supporting the Government's push to digitalise MSMEs, unifi registered encouraging increase of productivity and digital tools utilisation amongst its 375,000 MSME customers, leveraging the Government's Digitalisation Grant. Focusing on enhanced customer experience Customer experience remains our key focus across all segments and we continue to introduce new experience features and improvements in this area. For unifi customers, we continue to innovate and improve in the management of user experience. We now provide customers with a proactive early detection and intervention support for broadband connectivity and ensuring fast resolution of service. As a market leader, TM commits to a continued focus on customer experience, with progressive releases of more new experience leveraging on analytics. TM WHOLESALE was recently awarded the Best Asia Pacific Zero Outage Supplier by T-Systems amidst intense competition from other established telcos in the region. This recognition signifies TM's commitment and focus to provide the best quality service to our telco and hyperscaler customers. Enabling digital solutions in the Enterprise and Public sectors TM ONE remains steadfast in its commitment to realise the nation's MyDIGITAL blueprint and support efforts to rebuild the economy in both the Enterprise and Public sectors. New sales and contract renewal across the Enterprise and Public sectors are encouraging in the post pandemic recovery period with TM ONE providing digital connectivity and solutions for the Digital Community Centre in rural areas, regional cloud services and major financial institutions. TM ONE maintains its role as a trusted business partner driving digital transformation for Enterprise and Public sectors especially in business process automation via partnerships with global digitalisation partners such as SAP. Delivering network for the Industry TM WHOLESALE continues its "telco for telcos" role by providing wholesale services and solutions to all Malaysian licensed service providers. In line with the overall growth of broadband, TM WHOLESALE recorded high demand for its wholesale broadband service. As the primary mobile backhaul provider for the industry, TM WHOLESALE registered an increase in bandwidth utilisation of its Next Generation Backhaul service by major mobile telcos. This also positions TM as a capable enabler for Malaysia's 5G network deployment. Internationally, TM WHOLESALE continues to strengthen its partnership ecosystem with global telcos and hyperscalers, and has recorded significant growth of international bandwidth traffic. This is further complemented by the coverage increase of the global content delivery network (CDN) with more than 80 CDN nodes worldwide.  TM WHOLESALE has also established a collaboration with a Tier 1 Internet Protocol (IP) transit provider – Tata Communications – to offer high-speed and reliable connectivity in the ASEAN region and open access to global enterprises. At the same time, we have successfully on boarded more than 15 major international hyperscalers and digital service providers in TM's core data centres. All of the above positions Malaysia positively as a digital and technology hub in ASEAN. A socially responsible Corporate Citizen TM played its part in supporting the fight against COVID-19 via various programmes. Overall, TM has contributed over RM9.5 million for humanitarian and community initiatives this year including to Tabung CERDIK and COVID-19 GLC/GLIC (GDRN) fund. TM also provided digital connectivity services to more than 400 PPVs nationwide, in addition to converting three of its premises into PPVs at its Multimedia University (MMU) campuses in Cyberjaya and Melaka, plus Kompleks TM Taiping. TM had also spent over RM16.0 million on several safety protocols and preventive measures across its customer operations to ensure the wellbeing of our frontliners and customers. These measures include providing personal protective equipment (PPE), weekly COVID-19 screening, UV air treatment and other workplace measures.


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