18 Aug 2023

Telekom Malaysia Unveils AIDENTITI™ KITA: A Generative AI Music Video to Celebrate Malaysia’s Diversity for Hari Kemerdekaan and Hari Malaysia 2023

Telekom Malaysia Unveils AIDENTITI™ KITA:  A Generative AI Music Video to Celebrate Malaysia’s Diversity for Hari Kemerdekaan and Hari Malaysia 2023 Article Header

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 August 2023 – TM introduces AIDENTITI™ KITA, an innovative campaign that blends music and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to celebrate Malaysia’s rich diversity this Bulan Kebangsaan.  

Aligning with TM’s mission to bring new technologies to everyday Malaysians, the campaign showcases the country’s people and traditions through a unique digital perspective and inclusive on-ground engagements where communities from all walks of life can experience AI up close. 

The campaign debuts with Malaysia's first Bulan Kebangsaan music video made with Generative AI that translates the nation’s rich culture and heritage into captivating digital art and scenes using text prompts. The music video features the talents of MK (K-Clique), Suki Low and Balan Kash.

Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, TM’s Group Chief Executive Officer said, “As the pioneer of a Digital Malaysia, TM envisions AIDENTITI™ KITA as a catalytic engine for evolving perspectives, catalysing efforts to bridge the digital gap, and aligning Malaysia with advanced nations in the digital realm. This commitment also aligns with The National Artificial Intelligence Roadmap, with AI as one of the foundation technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

“The campaign also embodies the core of our brand promise, ‘Your Next is Now’, as well as our unwavering commitment to introducing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring their accessibility to all Malaysians. By doing so, we contribute to propelling Malaysia towards its high-tech nation aspirations by 2030, while ushering in a future defined by purpose and boundless possibilities,” Amar added.

Inclusivity takes centre stage as TM invites the public to co-create their AIDENTITI™ using the company’s AI platform, with a chance to be showcased on digital billboards nationwide. Detailed participation information can be found at tm.com.my/aidentitikita.


TM Joins Forces with APOM for #Empatbelas Series, Celebrating Malaysia’s Unique Identities

As part of the Bulan Kebangsaan celebrations, TM is also collaborating with A Piece of Malaysia (APOM) for the 2023 #empatbelas series. This collaboration celebrates each of Malaysia’s 14 states through creative expressions and specially designed APOM merchandise.

Through APOM #empatbelas2023, TM underscores its support for local creative talents across the nation, aligning seamlessly with the AIDENTITI™ KITA campaign’s goal of celebrating diverse backgrounds and ideas.

#Empatbelas2023 merchandise will be available from 31st August 2023 at https://apom.my.

Unifi customers will be able to enjoy 10% off all APOM merchandise, terms and conditions will apply.


16 Jan 2018
TM & TNB in collaboration to accelerate broadband reach for the nation

Both GLCs to capitalise on combined capabilities to ensure successful delivery of Nationwide Fiberisation Plan Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop an implementation plan to deliver on the Government's Nationwide Fiberisation Plan (NFP). This collaboration will capitalise on the combined strength of both Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) in terms of reach, infrastructure and expertise. In particular, the synergies will enable the most efficient cost structure, and further accelerate the fibre broadband network reach. This is in line with the Government's aspirations to drive Malaysia's Digital Economy; as envisioned under both the NFP as well as the High Speed Broadband (HSBB) projects. Further, the roll-out under TM and TNB, as two of Malaysia's leading institutions, ensures the safety and security of the nation's strategic and critical infrastructure.  The proposed network will also continue the existing open access participation of industry players to promote private sector competition in retail broadband. The MoU was signed by Dato' Sri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly, Managing Director/ Group Chief Executive Officer of TM, and Datuk Seri Ir. Azman Mohd, President/ Chief Executive Officer of TNB. The MoU is subject to a definitive agreement to be signed between the parties upon finalisation of the commercial terms. Further announcements will be made in due course, as and when appropriate.

05 Nov 2020
TM R&D Continues its award winning streak at the World Communication Awards 2020

The Company’s internally-developed smarter digital solutions for IoT of Water and energy management received global recognitions for innovation. ​​​​​Telekom Research & Development Sdn Bhd (TM R&D), the innovation arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), recently bagged two (2) awards at the prestigious World Communication Awards 2020 organised virtually in London, United Kingdom. ​ The awards, the fourth and fifth received by TM R&D this year, were conferred to TM R&D for its innovative solutions namely Smart Water Integrated Management System (SWIMS) under the IoT Innovation Award category while Enterprise Energy Management System (EENT) received the recognition under the Data Innovation Award category. Commenting on the milestone achievement, Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah, Chief Executive Officer, TM R&D said, "This is indeed a proud moment for us at TM R&D. For our internally-developed smart solutions to be recognised at the World Communication Awards, it is indeed a huge encouragement for us to further strengthen our position as the leader in research, development and innovation field. This double win is a remarkable feat and my heartiest congratulations to everyone in the TM R&D team who has put tremendous efforts in providing the best for our customers and partners." "In addition, we will continue to innovate with purpose and introduce smarter digital solutions that will enhance and transform lives and businesses while simultaneously supporting TM's aspirations and unique role as the enabler of Digital Malaysia.," she added. In the global telecommunications industry, the World Communication Awards are the most revered mark of achievement. For over 22 years, the awards have recognised innovation excellence in global telecoms companies and attract hundreds of submissions annually. SWIMS is an Internet of Water (IoW) solution, essentially doing for water what Internet of Things (IoT) does for various other industries and verticals such as electric utilities, transportation, smart cities and factory automation. It enables in-depth, new insights into the operations and the right tools to act on those insights. "SWIMS offers end-to-end smart water management that improves non-revenue water management. It optimises the repair and replacement of ageing water infrastructure as well as improves responses to weather events such as water level and quality. The solution has now been commercially-deployed, bringing real innovation to the public," shared Dr. Sharlene. Another recognition received by TM R&D at the World Communication Awards was for EENT. It is a universal internet of energy management solution developed as an agnostic platform to cater for all types of IoT devices, system designs, geographical demand, multi-tenancy or budgeting, with its backend connected to an in-house IoT hosting platform. "EENT offers a seamless end-to-end smart energy monitoring system that improves energy management, optimises energy use as well as improves response to energy saving plan. It adopts big data architectures and analytics technologies, turning the data challenge into an opportunity and ultimately driving revenue, profit or cost reduction," she revealed. Established in 2001, TM R&D is the centre of innovation for TM Group focusing on innovations that enriches humanity and bring progress to nations. Growing from strength to strength since 2016, TM R&D has won 19 globally recognised awards and generated more than 2,800 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and 1,400 digital assets to-date. TM R&D's innovations all developed in-house cut across multiple verticals such as Utilities, Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare and Education with safety and productivity as the top priority. As TM R&D continues to expand beyond connectivity and into smarter digital ecosystems, its role in TM has become more prominent and exciting. For more information about TM R&D and its products and services, they can be contacted at business@tmrnd.com.my or log on to www.tmrnd.com.my or follow them on LinkedIn (TM Research & Development) for more news and updates.

14 Dec 2022
Consolidation of TM’s business in Malaysia to strengthen fixed-mobile convergence leadership and improve operational efficiency

Telekom Malaysia Berhad ("TM" or "the Group") today announced an internal reorganisation which involves the transfer of its business in Malaysia to a single operating entity named TM Technology Services Sdn Bhd ("TM Tech"). The internal reorganisation is anticipated to complete by 31 December 2023. The reorganisation – which includes Unifi, TM One and TM Wholesale, among others – marks the next phase of the Group's transformation to be the enabler of a digital Malaysia, and to further improve its operational efficiencies, streamline processes and simplify customer touchpoints to provide a more seamless customer experience. Incorporating its diverse businesses under TM Tech will also reinforce TM's Fixed-Mobile Convergence leadership, offering integrated fixed broadband, mobile services, data services, digital content and innovative solutions to communities, businesses and the Government. Group CEO, Imri Mokhtar said, "As digital lifestyles, increasing competition and stakeholder expectations reshape the industry, consolidating these businesses into one operating entity will allow us to serve our diverse customer segments better and deliver their needs more quickly. "Consolidating our suite of connectivity and digital offerings will also enable us to easily tap into the right combination of solutions to meet the unique needs of individual lifestyles and businesses." "Furthermore, this reorganisation aligns us to industry best practices and will improve TM's competitive edge among Malaysian and international Telcos and digital players, as we continue to pursue our aspiration of becoming a leading human-centred TechCo," he added. Under TM Tech, consumers will continue to enjoy the fastest and widest all-in-one connectivity and digital content. Enterprises and the public sector will also benefit from TM's digital and smart solutions, including cloud and data centres, cybersecurity and smart industry offerings. The operating entity will also continue to champion TM's nation-building efforts in expanding and modernising the country's fibre network, data centres and submarine cable systems. TM Tech will be led by TM's existing senior management team and will bring together its diverse talents under a single company, encouraging greater agility and cross-functional collaboration to improve service quality. Imri explained, "Our Warga TM will remain the execution engine for TM and the country's digital transformation. While our workforce will be realigned to this single operating entity, employee functions, entitlements and benefits will remain unchanged." Similarly, all of TM's partnerships, vendor and service agreements will remain in effect. Telekom Malaysia Berhad will now serve as an investment holding company for this operating entity, with all other subsidiaries within the Group to remain status quo. "Beyond TM's own growth, this reorganisation strengthens our role in advancing the country's digital transformation and to serve our customers in a more cohesive manner. While it marks a new milestone in our continuous transformation, we remain anchored to our purpose of enabling digital inclusion, opportunities and progress for all," Imri concluded.​


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