11 May 2023



On 10 May 2023, TM filed a Bursa Announcement to notify that the longstop date to fulfil all conditions precedent in the Share Subscription Agreement (SSA) for the subscription of a 20% equity stake in Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) had lapsed. Consequently, TM issued a termination notice to DNB, effective immediately.


Nonetheless, TM looks forward to the next process and discussion with the Government and the industry on 5G participation across Phase 1 (towards 80% service coverage by DNB) and Phase 2 (shift to two networks), as announced by the Government on 3 May 2023. TM is committed to continue playing an active role in the 5G implementation, leveraging its nationwide fibre infrastructure, extensive digital platforms (data centre, edge nodes) and rollout experience.


In the meantime, TM customers of Unifi Mobile and TM One will continue to enjoy 5G services and solutions, as the 5G wholesale Access Agreement remains in place.


TM is committed to serve as the nation’s trusted partner to grow Malaysia’s overall connectivity and digital ecosystem, including 5G. We are committed to shaping a Digital Malaysia through technology that empowers communities, businesses and Government. 


24 Dec 2020
One (1) new positive Covid-19 case at TMpoint Taipan, Subang Jaya

TM has activated the necessary safety protocols; outlet closed for sanitisation until 29 December 2020 Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to confirm one (1) new positive case of COVID-19 amongst its employees at TMpoint Taipan, Subang Jaya on 23 December 2020. The employee is currently receiving treatment at a Government hospital. Following the confirmed case, the Company has taken immediate action to close the TMpoint Taipan outlet until 29 December 2020 for disinfection and sanitisation in accordance to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MoH). Meanwhile, to ensure TM customers continue to be served, other TMpoint outlets remain in operations in adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as TM’s added safety guidelines. TM management and staff are together praying for the speedy recovery of all those affected by the pandemic. Meanwhile, detailed contact tracing is being carried out by the MoH, assisted by TM’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Team (CRT), to identify and inform those whom had close contact with the positive case. Identified close contacts are being contacted by MoH for further advice and action. TM would like to remind everyone at all times to stay safe – practice social distancing, maintain personal hygiene and adhere to the SOPs as advised by the Government. TM would like to reiterate that it has taken and will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of its customers, employees and community.​

25 Nov 2021
Yayasan TM in collaboration with CENDANA transforms Muzium Telekom into engaging public digital arts space as part of art in the city's inaugural KLWKND

Through the marriage of technology and arts, Yayasan TM (YTM) continues its ongoing mission to preserve and celebrate the nation's arts, culture and heritage by transforming Muzium Telekom into an engaging public digital arts space, thanks to a ground-breaking collaboration with the Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA). The collaboration is in support of the agency's Art In The City Programme, via its inaugural KLWKND event. KLWKND is a series of exciting events happening from 25 to 28 November 2021 created to make arts and culture accessible to all walks of life. KLWKND is set to transform downtown KL into a vibrant, truly immersive hub for creativity, arts and culture with various activities planned, all throughout the four (4) day programme including dance, music, opera, fashion, architecture, food, visual arts, design, creative products, traditional crafts, literature, history and more. In amongst the activities, YTM is honoured to be part of KLWKND placing Muzium Telekom as the centrepiece where art meets technology. The 93-year old heritage building will be transformed as SITULAH, a public digital arts showcase. Since 1994, the museum has been showcasing the history and evolution of telecommunications in Malaysia. Befitting the times, YTM aims to reinvigorate this beautiful historic building as an engaging hub that connect the dots across the many facets within the TM Group, showcasing talents from Multimedia University (MMU) students, alumni and faculty in digital, creative and cinematic arts as well as TM's heritage and innovation in telecommunications. True to its collaborative spirit, YTM is working with CENDANA together with Joe Sidek Productions and other esteemed figures in the arts community including gifted visual and performing artists; whilst supporting local Food & Beverage businesses during the festival period and beyond. Muzium Telekom as SITULAH at KLWKND carries the exhibition theme of Traverse – Motions Through Time, a showcase of art and technology traversing without borders across time, mediums and cultures, in a vibrant interdependent ecosystem. As the visitors move through the museum, the artworks will guide them through an exploration into the past, present and future. Addressing the transformation of telecommunication institutions (TM Group, Muzium Telekom and MMU) in the age of digital evolution, contained within four (4) chapters: ENTER, INTER(IN)VENTION, RETROSPECT, and EXPERIENCE. 'Traverse' asks the visitors - how do these historical shifts in the mediation of our perception reflect our beliefs in the function of these institutes in our media society. At 'Traverse – Motions Through Time' while the artists are embracing the new form of art-making, expressing their ideas in a novel and ingenious ways, YTM take the opportunity to inform the public of the emerging creative practices by encouraging public participation, reflection and immersive engagement with the new content produced by MMU students, faculty and alumni. Besides digital and creative arts, TM R&D and TM ONE also showcase their latest technology and innovations. Today, the exhibition hosted a VVIP walkabout, graced by YB Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin, Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia, accompanied by Dato' Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahim Haji Daud, YTM Board of Trustees Member; Izlyn Ramli, Director of YTM; Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah, Chief Executive Officer of TM Research & Development (TM R&D); Ainol Shaharina Sahar, Chief Executive Officer of Menara KL; Nor Azmi Mat Said, Chairman of MyCreative Ventures; Junady Nawawi, Group Chief Executive Officer of MyCreative Ventures; Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin, Chief Executive Officer of CENDANA; and Joe Sidek, Director of KLWKND Festival. Holding on to the noble principle that no one gets left behind in this digital age, YTM is exhibiting the extraordinary visual talents of gifted artists in Malaysia for a charity sale during the event. Also taking part are visual artists from Persatuan Pelukis Negeri Perak who will be showcasing the Gutta Percha Trail Exhibition, the history of how a tree native to Malaysia played a crucial part in making the global submarine and telegraph network possible. With the exciting emergence of vast markets for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), YTM is also collaborating with DETIK, a unique Malaysian NFT project team who is organising the NFT-JAM Challenge where digital artists will meet up in the DETIK created Newsantara metaverse. This challenge aims to increase digital literacy reach so that creative communities can participate in the digital economy and earn potential income from their creative arts. This initiative will have presence in the Traverse exhibition and also feature some of the artwork displayed physically and digitally at Muzium Telekom. Commenting on the collaboration, Izlyn said, "As a purpose driven social impact foundation, YTM is committed to the Group's aspiration of enabling a Digital Malaysia via our three pillars of Education, Community and Nation-Building as well as Tourism, Culture and Heritage. The third pillar is dedicated to the sustainable development of Malaysian arts, culture and creative ventures. It is a necessary part for the preservation and celebration of our nation's heritage but also a key foundation to building our future. Creativity and innovation are not just confined to a certain sector; they are applicable across all aspects as well as being a key life skills. This must be nurtured and supported by all stakeholders for the betterment of society." "Malaysia has a wealth of talent, creativity and innovation but it needs that due attention and support to grow further and make an even greater mark in the world. How corporates can support the overall ecosystem should be considered from a strategic view – how they can enhance the scene with the core competencies they have so that the local arts industry creates greater impact and sustainability. YTM's role is in connecting the dots between the youth, talent and creativity to skills development, digital opportunities and collaborative partners; focusing on expanding traditional content and goods to digital platforms and solutions," she added. Meanwhile, as the main organiser, Izan Satrina said, "KLWKND is an integral part of Art In The City key to reach out, restart, revive and rebuild the economy for the arts and culture sector. To successfully implement such efforts, collaboration at all levels amongst the private and public sectors is needed to ensure involvement and ownership of the programme. Therefore, we are proud to partner with YTM and Joe Sidek Productions to build a greater impact for the sector and wrap up the year with a bang. Part of the arts includes us reflecting our history. The exhibition 'Traverse – Motions Through Time' complements this journey." YTM and its partners invite all to come and experience this exciting and immersive digital arts and innovations exhibition, Traverse – Motions Through Time from 25 – 28 November 2021 (10.00 am – 10.00 pm) as part of CENDANA's Art in The City inaugural KLWKND programme. There will also be cool prizes to be won from a special gamification competition feature of the exhibition journey!

01 Mar 2023

Following the earlier communication on 14 December 2022, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (“TM”) today announced the internal reorganisation of its business in Malaysia into a single operating entity named TM Technology Services Sdn Bhd (“TM Tech”) following the approval of various bodies, including the High Court of Malaysia and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.   Effective today, 1st March 2023, Telekom Malaysia Berhad will serve as an investment holding company for this single operating entity (TM Tech), along with other wholly owned subsidiaries, covering TM’s international, digital, education, support business and other non-wholly owned subsidiaries. This group in totality will continue to be governed by the current TM’s Board of Directors and managed by the same Senior Management team.   The reorganisation into TM Tech – which includes Unifi, TM One and TM Global, amongst others – marks the next phase of TM’s transformation that will reinforce its fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) position, further improve operational efficiencies and deliver a more seamless customer experience. Resource-wise, the reorganisation brings together the diverse talents, facilitating greater cross-functional collaboration and agility through more streamlined and simplified processes.   Group CEO of TM, Dato’ Imri Mokhtar explained, “As customer demand, increasing competition and stakeholder expectations reshape the industry, it is timely to consolidate our telco business in Malaysia into a single operating entity that will allow us to serve our diverse customer segments better and quicker, as well as drive operational efficiency.”   “We have recently notified all of our valued customers on this internal reorganisation via email and digital letters. At this point, for all payment transactions - the beneficiary name will now be “TM Technology Services Sdn Bhd” instead of “Telekom Malaysia Berhad”. All other payment details remain the same, such as the bank account and JomPAY code,” Imri added.   “The success of TM to shape a Digital Malaysia through technology that empowers communities, businesses and Government truly lies in our Warga TM. With majority of Warga TM realigned into this single operating entity, the individual job functions, entitlements and benefits will remain unchanged. Similarly, all of TM’s current obligations in terms of partnerships, vendor and service agreements will remain in effect.”   “We believe this reorganisation will strengthen TM’s role in advancing the country’s digital economy and to serve our growing customers in a more cohesive manner. It will reinforce TM’s competitive edge, solidifying our transition towards being a human-centred TechCo,” Imri concluded.


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