Business with TM

Providing end-to-end procurement services for all suppliers and contractors
in a streamlined manner.


A program to develop and establish competitive, sustainable and high performing Bumiputera vendor via structured capacity and capability programs in supporting National Development Policy and Bumiputera Empowerment Agenda.


Drive benefits

As a Bumiputera vendor, you’re in the perfect
position to supplement both ours and the
government’s aspirations.

Develop resilience

We want to create strong, competitive Bumiputera
vendors who can stand against anything.

Provide support

All vendors play a role in developing our
local fortitude and Malaysian trust through
their capabilities.

Contribute innovation

Through entrepreneurship and product
diversity, we hope to see forward-thinking in
all that you do.

Substitute imports

By you truly owning a local distribution, we
inherently cut down on the need for imports.

Improve efficiency

We want to reduce costs, improve our quality and
drill down on an ultimately shorter cycle time.

Benefits & Privileges

guided support

  • Management and financial courses
  • Tender processes and documentation
  • Quality management
  • Project and resources management
  • Business mentoring, coaching and marketing for ‘start-ups’

standards & processes

  • Lean and business management
  • ISO certification
  • ICC program
  • Risk and strategic management
  • Design thinking and product design

Business Expansion

  • Business matching
  • Export market development
  • Certification program for System Integration and Local Partner
  • R&D Projects with GIPV*
  • Technology transfer in collaboration with Key Supplier for new growth areas

Financial Resources

  • Collaboration with the panel of Financial Institution for Vendor Financing Program (PERINTIS)
  • Government Grants
  • Supply Chain Financing Arrangement


Enrolment Criteria

  • 51% or more of the company equity is owned by Bumiputera and
    certified by MOF.
  • Not a public listed company or a subsidiary of a public listed company.
  • Registered as ‘Sendirian Berhad’ under the Companies Act 2016.
  • Has TM interest in the company’s products/services.
  • Has an existing contract with TM.
  • Features products that strategically support the business and category.
  • Meets the required threshold on contract value/annual sector revenue