30 May 2024

TM Announces a Positive Start in 1Q 2024, Sustaining its Continuous Growth Trajectory

TM Announces a Positive Start in 1Q 2024,  Sustaining its Continuous Growth Trajectory Article Header

Q 2024 Key Highlights (vs 1Q 2023)

  • Operating revenue grew 1.8% to RM2.84 billion
  • EBIT increased 37.5% from RM473.3 million to RM650.9 million
  • PATAMI increased 28.7% from RM330.1 million to RM424.8 million

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 May 2024 – Telekom Malaysia Berhad (“TM” or “the Group”), today announced a positive start to the fiscal year, with a strong financial performance for the first quarter ended 31 March 2024 (1Q 2024).

The Group saw its revenue increase by 1.8% to RM2.84 billion, driven by solid performance from TM Global and growth in Unifi’s subscriber base. Correspondingly, Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) grew 37.5% to RM650.9 million in the quarter under review on the back of lower total Operational Cost.

TM’s Profit after Tax and Non-Controlling Interests (PATAMI) increased by 28.7% to RM424.8 million, demonstrating its sustained profitability.

Meanwhile, the Group’s Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) stood at RM204.0 million, or 7.2% of its revenue. These investments were aimed at expanding the Group’s network infrastructure nationwide and regional submarine cable systems.

Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, TM’s Group Chief Executive Officer said, “Entering 2024, the operating environment remains challenging due to increased competition and evolving market dynamics. Nevertheless, the Group has shown a positive growth trajectory in the first quarter of 2024. This is evidenced by increased revenue, improved profitability, and steady growth in our fixed broadband subscribers, reaffirming our strong position in the market. 

“To sustain our positive momentum, we will continue enhancing our retail convergence offerings and value-added solutions in delivering improved customer experience. At the same time, we maintain a strong focus on modernising our data and network infrastructure, as well as enhancing our business-related offerings to meet current and future digital needs.

“Moving forward, as part of our transformative journey towards becoming a Digital Powerhouse by 2030, our priorities over the next few years include growing our core businesses, enhancing beyond connectivity by embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and capturing new business growth to meet future demands. In addition, we will continue to optimise costs and enhance profitability to ensure better returns for our shareholders,” Amar concluded.
The Group maintains a positive outlook for the current year, staying aligned with the previously provided 2024 guidance.

Lines of Businesses (LOBs) Performance
Unifi maintains leadership in converged services
Unifi maintained consistent year-on-year (YoY) growth with a 1.8% increase in fixed broadband subscribers, reaching a total of 3.135 million. This is driven by convergence marketing strategies, aggressive sales and customer retention programmes. It recently launched UniVerse, the best convergence plan to date for broadband, mobile, entertainment, and digital lifestyle solutions, designed to enhance connectivity, content and Home Hub needs of today’s customers. For more information about Unifi UniVerse, visit www.unifi.com.my. 

During the quarter, Unifi Business, the leading digital solutions partner of over 400,000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) nationwide, partnered with Maybank Islamic Berhad to launch ‘Go Niaga’, a mobile banking bundle to help businesses manage finances and improve income with digital payment options. It also launched e-Pharmacy Solution, a mobile app enabling e-prescriptions via teleconsultation to provide digital inclusion and accessible healthcare for prescribed medications and wellness especially to the underserved communities.

Looking ahead, Unifi will continue to solidify its role as a leader in convergence to deliver unmatched converged digital services.

TM One drives innovative solutions for enterprise and Government
TM One, the enterprise and government sector business solutions arm of TM continues to adapt to market dynamics while seeking new opportunities for growth. During the quarter under review, it recorded a revenue of RM673.0 million.

In February, TM One launched the Innovation Lab and Enterprise 5G Lab to accelerate the realisation of emerging digital services and solutions. These labs bring together the latest technologies, digital leaders, inspiring ideas and collaborative spaces to create tailored solutions for its customers and partners. These facilities were set to further develop key areas like Enterprise 5G and innovative AI-powered industry solutions to help organisations thrive in the digital era. 

Moving forward, TM One will continue to strengthen its core connectivity offerings while driving innovation in digital services, expanding partnerships, and developing solutions that empower its customers.

TM Global positions Malaysia as a digital hub for the region
TM Global saw a 12.1% YoY increase in revenue to RM742.8 million in 1Q 2024, fuelled by demand for domestic and international data. It has remained as Malaysia’s preferred network infrastructure provider, catalysing the digital industry, fostering 5G ecosystem and expanding High-speed broadband (HSBB) Access in the country. Globally, it provisioned significant managed wavelength capacity for hyperscalers, connecting key regional data centres. It also recorded substantial growth in Content Delivery Network (CDN) traffic to cater to the demand from digital players, enabling Malaysia as a digital hub for the region.

TM Global recently received recognition in two categories: Telecom Company of the Year – Malaysia, and the Wholesale Company Initiative of the Year – Malaysia, at the Asian Telecom Awards held in Singapore. This is the second consecutive year TM Global has received these accolades, maintaining its leadership as a shaper of the telecommunications landscape in Malaysia and across ASEAN.

TM Global will continue to broaden its digital infrastructure solutions while forging strategic alliances with global carriers to facilitate seamless digital connectivity and services across borders.


27 Dec 2020
TM expands its unifi service to more areas in Kuching

Residents of three (3) more villages in Kuching namely Kampung Boyan, Kampung Gersik and Kampung Surabaya can now enjoy high speed Internet connectivity with unifi. Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), through TM Sarawak, today expanded its unifi service to three (3) more villages in Kuching, Sarawak namely Kampung Boyan, Kampung Gersik and Kampung Surabaya (Kpg BGS). The service expansion has provided an opportunity for new and existing TM customers in the area to experience high-speed Internet connectivity delivered via fibre optic network. To mark the occasion, a special event titled “Juh Tukar Ke unifi @ Tebingan Sungai BGS” was held and launched by YB Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman Haji Junaidi, Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs & Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU)) and Assistant Minister of Utility (Water Supply). The launch was witnessed by Adiman Ajem, Director of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Sarawak and Sudarnoto Osman, Chief Executive Officer, Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC). Also present at the event was Jafer Sadig Abdul Lathiff, State General Manager, TM Sarawak. Speaking at the event, YB Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman said: “We welcome the expansion of unifi to Kampung Boyan, Kampung Gersik and Kampung Surabaya as this signifies TM’s continuous effort to bring high speed broadband connectivity to more areas in Sarawak. This initiative is hoped to boost the growth of local industries such as Kek Lapis Sarawak and Ikan Terubuk Masin, thus promoting digital economy and adoption of a more digital lifestyle amongst the local communities. As Malaysia’s national telecommunications services provider, with its extensive network and expertise, I believe TM is more than capable to facilitate Sarawak’s digital transformation journey.” Meanwhile in his speech, Jafer Sadig said, “As the enabler of Digital Malaysia aspiration, we are excited to deliver our unifi service to Kpg BGS so the residents there can fully utilise the high speed connectivity to cater to their digital lifestyle. We will also continue to upgrade the network infrastructure to fibre optic beyond Kpg BGS in Kuching Division to fulfill the increasing demand for unifi. This has become more essential as the nation adapts to the new normal in which our activities including work, education, business and leisure have been digitalised. We hoped that the availability of unifi service to more areas will enable Sarawak citizens to reap the benefits of digital communications,” he said. “This expansion also reflects TM’s commitment and support towards the Government’s Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) action plan to deliver connectivity to all. TM, as a responsible nation-builder, will continue to serve the nation and establish the ecosystem for a digital society, digital businesses and digital Government through our solid network infrastructure towards enabling Digital Malaysia,” he added. At the event, TM Sarawak also rewarded selected new unifi customers from its consumer segments as an appreciation for their trust and support for the brand. Besides that, a digital marketing workshop was held in collaboration with SDEC which saw the participation of 20 aspiring digital local entrepreneurs. YB Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman also went for a walkabout around Kpg BGS and engaged with the residents where he reiterated the need for the community members to play their part in safeguarding the newly deployed communication infrastructure for everyone’s benefit. New unifi Plans unifi is now available in better value packages to cater to the dynamic needs of all customers. Among available plan options are: unifi 30Mbps plan at RM89 per month: Offers unlimited data for you to get the best internet experience for your family at home. Comes with 16 free channels on playTV@unifi app downloadable on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. unifi 100Mbps plan at RM129 per month: For customers who need faster speed for their advanced digital lifestyle such as online entertainment, home surveillance, and e-sports among others Comes with unlimited data, free 600 minutes talk time to all mobile and fixed lines nationwide. Options to choose unifi TV’s Aneka Plus, Varnam Plus or Ruby Plus premium entertainment packages to be enjoyed via unifi playTV app for non-stop entertainment on-the-go. unifi Your World Campaign from as low as RM198 per month: Total Convergence Home Broadband package comprising internet, content and mobile with savings of up to RM200 per month for seamless internet experience at home. Comes with unifi TV’s Ultimate Pack bundled with unifi Plus Box and unifi Mobile 4G LTE with unlimited data, voice and SMS. Can be supplemented with unifi’s Mesh Wi-Fi to boost customers’ Wi-Fi experience at home by eliminating Wi-Fi dead spot for only RM15 per month. Exclusive for the 500Mbps and 800Mbps packages, unifi is giving out a FREE Deco M9 Plus Mesh Wi-Fi. unifi Mobile 99 Unlimited postpaid plan for only RM59 per month: Exclusive offer for unifi Home Broadband customers (Normal Price: RM99 per month): Offers unlimited data, calls and SMS, with no contract. Comes with 10GB LTE hotspot pass every month. Customers may keep their number and switch to unifi Mobile with zero upfront payment. unifi Mobile #BEBAS prepaid with options of RM10, RM13, RM15 or RM35: Comes with more data to stream, game, shop and browse. Customers can opt to buy add-ons if they need more data to enjoy their favourite apps and make more calls to chat all day. To find out more on unifi’s latest offerings, please visit https://unifi.com.my/

25 Aug 2023
TM Records Stronger 2Q 2023 Financial Performance; Sustaining the Group’s Growth Momentum

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 August 2023 – Telekom Malaysia Berhad (“TM” or “the Group”) recorded a stronger financial performance in the second quarter of the year that ended 30 June 2023, compared to the same period in the previous year. Its operating revenue grew 0.3% to RM3.10 billion, propelled by Unifi’s expansion which saw a substantial increase to 3.11 million fixed broadband subscribers. The growth was also due to TM Global’s solid 10.0% revenue growth driven by higher demand for domestic and international data services. Profit After Tax and Non-Controlling Interest (PATAMI) rose 50.4% from RM378.0 million to RM568.7 million due to lower net finance cost and the recognition of tax credits from unutilised tax losses. TM’s Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) allocation for the first half of 2023 stood at RM942.8 million, which accounts for 15.6% of the overall revenue for the expansion of network infrastructure to enhance nationwide coverage. Meanwhile, Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) was lower by 10.3% at RM630.0 million from RM702.7 million, due to higher preventive maintenance costs to better serve our customers and higher depreciation from revision of asset useful life. TM declared a higher Interim Dividend of 9.5 sen per share. This is a testament of the Group’s positive financial performance and its ongoing commitment to shareholder value. Commenting on these results, Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, TM’s Group Chief Executive Officer said, “We are pleased with this quarter’s performance, which is marked by overall positive results across our Lines of Business (“LOBs”). These achievements further strengthen TM’s growth momentum in facing a more competitive market.” “In the coming months, TM expects to face a more challenging marketplace but remains confident in our overall positive financial performance. The Group remains steadfast to continue strengthening its core business to be commercially sustainable whilst also continuing to contribute to the nation’s growth. “TM is excited by the huge potential of fixed, mobile and lifestyle convergence in the digital market, as well as digital infrastructure and solutions for MSME, enterprise and government sectors, whilst pursuing to capture opportunities from International partners including hyperscalers. “We also remain committed to continuously invest in expanding our network to enable the nation’s progress towards a Digital Malaysia. TM will continue to collaborate closely with the Government to serve as the nation’s trusted partner to grow Malaysia’s overall connectivity and digital ecosystem, including 5G,” Amar concluded.   LINES OF BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Unifi drives growth with enhanced services and market leadership Unifi’s revenue increased 0.5% to RM1.41 billion, driven by growth in fixed broadband subscribers reaching 3.11 million from consumer and Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (“MSME”) segments. Reinforcing its market leadership in fibre broadband services, Unifi unveiled its Ultra Gigabit Broadband Plans with 1Gbps and 2Gbps packages designed to empower digital households and expedite the growth of MSMEs. Unifi also strengthened its position by introducing innovative Uni5G postpaid and prepaid all-in-one 4G and 5G mobile plans, enhancing its fixed-mobile convergence value proposition. Unifi’s lifestyle services arm, Unifi TV, continued its pursuit of enriching user experiences by integrating popular streaming apps such as Netflix into its diverse portfolio. This move bolsters Unifi TV’s value proposition and adds to the variety of content available to users. The availability of a comprehensive convergence proposition encompassing gigabit fixed broadband, innovative 5G mobile packages and lifestyle services is the only offering of its kind in the industry. This is delivered over the best fibre network, superior 4G network coverage and expanding 5G nationwide footprint that offers elevated connectivity experiences at home and on-the-go. As a market leader, Unifi Business launched its Digital Marketing Solution (“DMS”) to encourage the MSME segment develop stronger brand presence and online visibility. As the latest addition to its line-up of connectivity and business solutions, DMS complements and augments Unifi Business’ existing offerings and will propel digital adoption among businesses. Earning further accolades, Unifi Business received the “Best Business Fixed Broadband Service Provider” award from PC.com during the period under review.   TM One Drives Innovation with Smart Solutions and Private 5G Advancements  TM One experience a decline in revenue by 11.4% to RM732.0 million in 2Q 2023 as a result of price reductions in connectivity services and lower one-off revenue from customer projects. To mitigate this, TM One is driving the rapid development of smart innovative solutions for verticals such as smart cities, healthcare, agriculture and industries. As a trusted digital partner for large enterprises and government, TM One is also leading Private 5G propositions and solutions across diverse industries spanning across oil & gas, transportation hubs and manufacturing to drive the country’s advancement. As the largest local cloud provider, TM Cloud Alpha remains the preferred local sovereign hyper-scaled cloud for data residency and locality in Malaysia. It has also reinforced its role in shaping Malaysia’s modern urban landscapes by being the strategic partner for smart city low-carbon initiatives with local councils. Along with its growing local and global partnerships, it has been appointed to implement and support various digital transformation programmes for its customers. In recognition of its industry excellence across a suite of end-to-end next generation business solutions, TM One received the accolade for "Best Enterprise Telco" from PC.com.   TM Global on track to make Malaysia the preferred digital hub for ASEAN TM Global recorded a 10.0% solid revenue growth from RM739.9 million to RM813.6 million, contributed by higher demand for both domestic and international data services. TM Global remains steadfast in solidifying its stature as Malaysia’s preferred network infrastructure provider, catalysing digital industry and 4G/5G ecosystem while simultaneously positioning the country to become a digital hub for ASEAN. TM Global continues to deploy its 4G/5G fibre backhaul rollout and drive greater demand for High Speed Broadband Access (HSBA) ports, reinforcing its commitment to support the Government’s aspirations for digital inclusivity in the country. Beyond borders, TM Global has reinforced its position by enriching the platform play services via strategic collaborations with partners on A2P SMS Gateway in Philippines and Content Delivery Network (CDN) Last Mile Delivery in Thailand. Additionally, TM Global continued to cater to mega bandwidth requirements with dynamic and customised solutions for hyper-scalers as well as global service providers, cementing its significance on the international stage.

20 Jul 2022
TM R&D recognised at MDEC’s Inaugural Malaysia Digital Economy Industry Awards 2022

Acknowledgement for its support for the agency and contribution to the development of the digital ecosystem ​Telekom Research & Development Sdn Bhd (TM R&D), the innovation arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) recently received the ‘Data Sharing Technology Excellence’ award in recognition of its contribution as a partner to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in growing the data ecosystem in Malaysia. The recognition was given away at the inaugural Malaysia Digital Economy Industry Awards 2022 organised by MDEC, to show appreciation and recognise industry players who have been supporting the agency as well as contributing to the development of the digital ecosystem. Present to accept the award from Dato’ Seri Haji Mohammad Mentek, Secretary General of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, was Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah, Chief Executive Officer of TM R&D. Commenting on the milestone achievement, Dr. Sharlene said, “This recognition reaffirms our efforts in developing digital ecosystems to facilitate Malaysians in embracing a more digital lifestyle. It is a proud moment for us at TM R&D and we look forward to continue working closely with MDEC and other agencies with similar aim, contributing our expertise to accelerate data technology adoption and facilitating talent development as well as industry-academic collaboration.” In 2020, TM R&D was appointed as MDEC’s Data Technology Partner under its Data Technology Partnership Programme. The appointment allows TM R&D to work hand-in-hand with MDEC and enterprises in multiple collaboration activities, leveraging on each other’s core expertise and capabilities to accelerate the adoption of data technology among businesses toward boosting Malaysia’s digital economy. TM R&D and MDEC also joined forces to launch a one-stop data exchange platform under MDEC’s #DigitalVsCovid initiative to facilitate and accelerate data sharing. The goal was to bolster research efforts in combating COVID-19. The development of the Data Exchange Platform was among the initiatives aimed at expediting access to data for developers, students, scientists and medical practitioners as well as government agencies. This will help them gather new insights easily on the pandemic and, eventually, pave the way for major breakthroughs. The Data Exchange Platform was built on TM R&D’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP), Malaysia’s first Open Software Development Platform. It consists of a data brokerage platform, an Application Programming Interface (API) store-front and an end-to-end (e2e) ecosystem for the rapid development of smarter 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) services that enable the creation of new revenue opportunities. Established in 2001, TM R&D is the innovation arm of TM Group focusing on creating smarter ecosystems to make business and life easier for a better Malaysia. TM R&D’s solutions are clustered around four pillars namely Intelligent Platforms, Data Brokerage, Connectivity/Tools and IR4.0/Digital Solutions. Growing from strength to strength, TM R&D has won multiple global awards and generated more than 2,800 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and 1,400 digital assets to date. TM R&D’s innovations are developed in-house and cut across multiple industries such as Utilities, Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare and Education, with safety and productivity as its top priority.


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