Executive Vice President, TM ONE

Shazurawati, 50, a Malaysian, holds a Masters of Arts, Masters of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts, Hons (Electrical Engineering) from Cambridge University, United Kingdom and has completed a leadership program at Stanford University, USA. She was appointed as Executive Vice President (EVP) TM ONE on 1 January 2022.

Shazurawati is an experienced professional who has held various leadership capacities across multiple domains and portfolios within TM Group.

She was previously the Vice President (VP) at TM Chief Operating Officer and Transformation Office, driving the Group’s performance improvement programmes. She also served as VP, Partnership where she led TM One’s partnership programme and alliances across industry verticals, technologies, products, services and solutions with both local and global partners. As the VP of TM One Business Services, she was in charge of the customer experience management outsourcing business portfolio in Malaysia and Indonesia. Shazurawati was the COO of VADS Berhad, responsible for ICT business operations for large organisations in the country. Prior to that, being the VP of Technology and Innovation TM, she was responsible for technical design, product development and technology business strategy at TM.

Shazurawati sits on the board of several subsidiaries of TM and is appointed as the Industry Advisory Committee for the Department of Polytechnic and Community College Education under Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.