Rules of Engagement

We are on social media because we want to connect with you. We want to know how we can make life easier for you and keep you updated. We also want to hear from you, so do share your experience, comments and suggestions on how we can always improve our products and services.

But above all, we respect each other. So let's all be mindful of what we say online and have fun:

    • We’re always here to help

      Genuine and courteous feedback is something we will be glad to assist you with. We will respond to your customer service related queries as soon as we are able to. Please note that in most cases we will request for your personal information and/or account details via direct message (never post your private information on public threads). In some cases we may refer you to different sources or channels if they are better suited to address your query.

    • Be nice and respect each other.

      We encourage you to share your ideas, comments and suggestions but obscenities, insults, shocking content or graphic images will not be tolerated.

    • Be mindful of what you post.

      We'll hide or remove posts that contain offensive and vulgar content or misleading and false information. Spam and irrelevant links will also be hidden and/or removed. Advertisements of any kind, be it (non-)commercial or personal, are not welcome. Users who are repeatedly posting inappropriate content may be reported and banned from the page/channel. Postings of private information like email address, phone number, account numbers etc. are also not allowed and will be hidden or removed.

We may enforce, amend or change these rules at any time to keep this space open and safe for everyone.

Please also note that any we reserve the right to use and distribute any content or comments that fans or users post on TM social media channels – including any feedback relating to TM products and services.

We thank you for taking the time to understand these rules and for being part of our online communities!