• It is a campaign run by TM from 15th November 2016 to 15th February 2017, which is open to TM's Consumer and SME new customers.
  • Throughout the campaign period, TM offers attractive UniFi packages namely UniFi ADVANCE PLAN™ at RM179 for Consumer and UniFi Biz PRO PLAN™ at RM379 for SME.
  • Customers who subscribe the packages during the campaign period are eligible to take part in the contest and stand a chance to win a trip to Old Trafford, Manchester.

All new subscriptions from residential and SME segment are eligible to subscribe to the package offering under the campaign and join the 'UniFi to Old Trafford' contest.

New subscription of UniFi Advance Plan™, UniFi Pro™, UniFi Biz Advance™ and UniFi Biz Pro™ starting from 21st October 2016 (activation date) from Residential and SME segment are eligible to join the contest.

New customer can simply join the contest via three (3) simple steps:

  1. Sign up for UniFi ADVANCE PLAN™ / UniFi PRO PLAN™ / UniFi BIZ ADVANCE PLAN™ / UniFi BIZ PRO PLAN™
  2. Register your details in contest page after your UniFi service has been activated and answer three (3) questions correctly. You are required to provide full name, I/C No. for residential, BRN number for business customer, UniFi account number, e-mail address)
  3. Write and submit a creative slogan.

For weekly bonus prizes, the winners will be selected based on valid contest registration and correct answers.

No. Customer can only submit one (1) entry per active UniFi account.

No. The offerings are valid from 15th November 2016 until 15th February 2017 only.