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The first edutainment channel that lets you personalise educational themes for your child’s enjoyment across multiple screens.

MY NICK JR. allows parents to create a customised profile and schedule for their child, according to their child’s age and gender, focused around 11 educational themes identified within the programs in Nick Jr.’s extensive library of preschool content including – Problem Solving, Memory, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Reasoning, Math, Foreign Language, Respect, Friendship, Science and Nature, and Curiosity.

MY NICK JR. also constantly adapts to the preferences of each child, who may at any time use the app to rate each episode. Parents may choose desired viewing durations, can be sent email “report cards” summarising what their child has watched and which topics have been covered within the viewed episodes, and use the shows for discussions with their child.

MY NICK JR. is now available for iOS and Android devices and on PC at

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HyppTV: My Nick Jr. mobile app by Nick Jr. available in June 2015!

Create your child’s profile
Selecting learning themes
Editing the session time
Accessing your Settings
Rate the video after viewing each show
Skipping a video


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