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Catch up with the fast-moving world of broadband with our exciting packages. Bring the web's rich multimedia content to life and enjoy that boost in connectivity, only with Streamyx


Streamyx package options for the disabled (OKU)

We strive to provide broadband for one and all, including disabled citizens. These OKU packages are only for disabled citizens who're registered with the Social Welfare Department under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

Package Download SpeedUpload Speed​ Monthly price
Streamyx 512kbps Up to 512KbpsUp to 256Kbps​ RM45
Streamyx 1.0Mbps Up to 1.0Mbps​Up to 384Kbps RM66
Streamyx 2.0Mbps Up to 2.0MbpsUp to 384Kbps​ RM99
Streamyx 4.0Mbps Up to 4.0MbpsUp to 512Kbps​ RM118

Terms & Conditions apply. Price is exclusive of GST.

Activation (RM75.00) and installation (RM88.00) fees are waived for all OKU packages.

All packages feature a dynamic IP.

Please note:

  • Registration is available at TMpoint outlets only.
  • Applicants must present their OKU ID card issued by the Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. Should you send a representative to register on your behalf, please also submit a copy of the OKU ID card.
  • The first bill will include one month's subscription fee from the date your service is activated, and an advance charge of the second month's subscription fee.
  • Refer below for more detailed information regarding our OKU packages.




These 'up to' speed are the maximum bandwidth delivered to your home or office. However, if you are experiencing less speed, it could be due to several reasons including:

  • the technology used
  • distance of your location to the serving exchange
  • location of website you access
  • network  conditions (normal or peak hours)
  • running multiple applications simultaneously
  • medium of internet access (wired or wifi)
  • your device operation systems and
  • your internal wiring conditions


If you have recurring speed issues, kindly contact us


OKU Package Details
i. Streamyx is applicable for personal application only.
ii. Minimum subscription period is 12 months.
iii. Service is subject to availability and technical testing.
iv. Speed of service is on best effort basis.
v. Customer is NOT ALLOWED to change the telephone number (connecting to Streamyx) before installation of service.
vi. Customer is responsible for internal wiring, NIC card and networking.
vii. Streamyx In-A-Box and online registration is not applicable for this package.
viii. For Streamyx 2.0Mbps and 4.0Mbps package:
a. Service is available in selected areas only. List of the areas is available here.
b. Service is subject to availability and technical testing during installation.
c. For existing customers who want to upgrade to these packages, new modem will be provided. Service interruption will occur for a maximum period of 2 working days.
d. For existing customers who want to upgrade to these packages and fail to get the service upon service verification during installation, their application will be reverted to existing package.
ix. All Internet charges will be included in one single bill 'Bil Telefon & Multimedia' (inclusive of telephone charges, Streamyx charges & others).
x. For account activated on every 29th, 30th or 31st, the current charges for the month will be pro-rated.
xi. If customer terminates Streamyx before the end of the minimum subscription period, the customer must pay the subscription fees of the remaining months and return the modem. Pre-mature termination includes relocation of premise.
xii. Streamyx bill must be paid before the due date to avoid any service suspension. During the suspension period, TM will continue to charge for the monthly subscription fee. RM10 reconnection fee will be charged upon service reactivation.
xiii. Streamyx download and upload speed is guaranteed for local content access only. TM is not responsible for the low speed of either download or upload of international content access.


Additional Important Notes
i. This package targeted only for DISABLED CITIZEN who registered under Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
ii. Registration is available at TMpoint only.
iii. Upon registration, applicant must present the OKU identification card issued by Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to verify the status of DISABLED CITIZEN and submit a copy of OKU ID card.
iv. Applicants may send representative to TMpoint to register for the package on behalf him/her. Representative should present the OKU ID card & submit a copy of the card.
v. The 1st bill received will include one month subscription fee (from the date of service activation) and an advance charge of the second month subscription fee.