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Yayasan TM


FAQ - Yayasan Telekom Malaysia

How do I apply to TM Yayasan scholarship?

​Online application can be done at Yayasan TM website once advertised.

When and where the advertisement issued Yayasan TM scholarship application?

Yayasan TM Scholarship advertisement will be issued in local newspapers and at the upon the SPM / STPM results announcement.

What are qualifications required to apply for the scholarship?

The qualification required to apply for the scholarship is available in the "Our Sponsorship​" at the Yayasan TM website.

Does Yayasan TM provide scholarships for Master and Doctorate degree?

Yayasan TM Scholarship is limited to the first degree only.

I understand Yayasan TM sponsored students have a contractual agreement to serve TM Group upon graduation. Is this true?

​​Yes, Yayasan TM Scholars are bound by the agreement and has the opportunity to work with TM.

Am I given the freedom to choose field of study?

Area of studies must be related to TM Group business.​​​

How long does it take to process my scholarship application?

Each application will be processed and it will take not more than 3 months from the closing date.

I am currently studying at one of institution of higher learning without any sponsorship.n I apply for scholarships Yayasan TM now?

Students can apply for sponsorship Yayasan TM scholarship when advertised.

I am studying at one of the Institutions of Higher Learning with a scholarship from one of sponsoring bodies. Can I apply to convert to Yayasan TM scholarship?

Students can apply for Yayasan TM Scholarships but will have to release any other similar financial assistance. Yayasan TM will not be responsible for all matters related to the preceeding sponsorship.

What is the privilege as a Yayasan TM scholarship holder?

Scholarship holders have the opportunity to attend self development program and be given priority to join TM Group workforce.​​

What does the scholarship package covers for tertiary education?

Yayasan TM Scholarship Package includes Tuition Fee, monthly stipend, books and apparatus allowances.