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Yayasan TM

Communication & Stakeholder Management

Under this pillar, Yayasan TM  play a role in providing support and maintenance for other organizations. We ensure sustainability partnership efforts are to be aligned with TM’s pillar s to reflect a collective impact.​

Broadband Brigade

  • Broadband Brigade or ‘Briged Jalur Lebar (BJL)’ is a grouping of YTM  scholars that functions as a platform to equip the scholars with the knowledge and relevant experience on TM’s core product namely broadband.
  • The knowledge and experience acquired through activities organized via Broadband Brigade is hoped to be utilized in giving back to the community in need, especially those in rural areas by leveraging the current facilities available at Pusat Internet 1Malaysia (PI1M) provided by TM in supporting the nation broadband penetration.

Ex-Broadband Brigade(BB-X)

  • Broadband Brigade –X  (BB-X) is  a grouping of our ex-scholars.
  • The goal is to support and improve YTM  while encouraging BB-X  stay connected to YTM and most importantly be loyal to TM.
  • This platform open up opportunity to connect  for  networking with fellow BB-X in their area and more opportunity to connect with current scholars and getting  updates  on YTM activities.
  • We are leveraging stakeholder expertise and skills to be share d with our scholars as an inspiration and motivation.

Partnership & Supporters

  • We are focusing on a solid and sustainable partnership and collaboration.
  • We work closely with GLCs, ministries , MNCs and other organization which are relevant to our business.​