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Yayasan TM


Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (YTM) supports the promotion and advancement of arts, culture and heritage by providing fund and assistance in maintaining a museum or any other activities in connection with the preservation of arts, culture and heritage as an intellectual capital for our future generation.


"Fulfilling Dreams Through Arts Education"

  • We support lifelong learning in Arts through YTM Cinematic Arts Programme Scholarship (CAPS).
  • Our goal is to invest in local talent, growing the future of sustainable Arts and Film industry along with jobs and income that investment brings to Malaysia’s economic growth.


"Towards A Sustainable Future"

  • We aim to share, celebrate and promote the richness, variety and ingenuity of Asian Culture through arts, traditions, educations and way of life amongst YTM scholars and the communities. ​
  • We also encourage YTM scholars to be involved in cross-cultural programmes at the same time facilitate communal interaction through the platform of arts and heritage in Malaysia.


"Bring Our Nation Heritage To Life"

  • Our aim is to inspire communities to explore Malaysia’s history and preserve our nation’s heritage for future generation.  
  • We extend our hands to connect and help bringing history to life through the awareness and education programmes.
  • One of the initiative by Muzium Telekom is the “Night at the Museum Adventure’, where school children have the opportunity to spend a night in one and the only Malaysia’s telecommunication museum and explore the heritage. The package includes fun and educational activities conducted by experienced Muzium Telekom’s facilitators such as Legacy Hunt, I am Inventor Session and You’ve Got Talent Performance.
  • YTM E-book is one of our initiative to make TM education milestones be accessible online for the new generation. To find out more about the E-book, please click here.