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Yayasan TM


Yayasan TM

Known as Scholarship Administration Unit within Human Resources Department since Nov 1990 until 1993.
In early 1994, Yayasan TM originally formed under the Trustee Act 1949 in and concentrated on sending scholars to prestigious overseas universities and in 1997, Yayasan TM start focused on supporting the establishment of UNITELE (now Multimedia University).

Beginning 1998, during Economic turmoil, Yayasan TM stressed on sponsorship quality and sending excellent students to Multimedia University and other IPTs.

By 2003, Yayasan TM officially included TM Museum management as part of its objective to preserve national heritage, arts and cultural.

YTM was then registered as a corporate body under the provisions of the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952 in 2006. On 29th January 2007, Yayasan TM was fully incorporated and known as “The Board of Trustees of Yayasan Telekom Malaysia, Registered”. 

Yayasan TM is a charitable trust established by TM in dedicating significant resources to ensure Malaysian students of all backgrounds, especially those less fortunate, have equal access to education and development programs. 
Other than its role in the promotion and advancement of education by awarding grants, bursaries, maintenance allowance and/or financial assistance, Yayasan TM also allocates its resources for the arts, culture and heritage, with Museum Telekom as its main beneficiary at the moment. Yayasan TM is also entrusted to assist and support organizations to achieve a common cause for the betterment of the nation and the community.
It has been almost two decades when Yayasan TM first started to be involved actively in the nation’s educational landscape, since its formation until December 2013, no less than RM447 million has been disbursed by Yayasan TM for education, development programs and various donations, benefiting more than 13,651 students, deserving individuals and organizations. 



  1. The​ promotion and advancement of education by awarding scholarship, grants, bursaries, maintenance allowance and/or financial assistance to any person based on academic and/or non-academic merit regardless of race, religion and creed who intend to attend or is attending any educational institutions approved by the Trustees and the Ministry of Education.
  2. The promotion and advancement of culture, arts and heritage by providing assistance and support in maintaining a museum or an art gallery or any other activities in connection with the promotion of culture, arts and heritage.
  3. The provision of assistance and support in maintaining any organization approved by the Director General of Inland Revenue, Malaysia.​



Yayasan TM is a registered trust. It was set up by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 128740–P) under the Trust Deed dated 10th November 1994 (First Trust Deed) in which the whole of the First Trust Deed has been replaced by a Deed of Trust (Added) dated 7th April 2006. Yayasan TM is managed and administered in accordance with the provisions and regulations as contained in the Trust Deed and the rules -in Tables 1 and 2.​



Award scholarships to student members and the public to pursue studies at home and abroad began in November 1990 which is managed by Scholarship Unit, Human Resource Division, Telekom Malaysia Berhad.
Sponsoring is continued under Yayasan Telekom Malaysia after its inception in November 1994. In support of Telekom Malaysia's efforts to establish Malaysia's first private university in 1996, the sponsorship has been focused on the University Telekom (Unitele).