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TM Rewards

Pay and get great rewards! TM Rewards is our way of thanking our customers. Accumulate points and redeem them for rebates, shopping vouchers or merchandise.





 About TM Rewards

What is TM Rewards?

TM Rewards is a customer loyalty programme by TM that was introduced in 2008 to recognise and reward our loyal customers with great offers and privileges.

Effective today, you will be rewarded with much more points for your support and loyalty towards TM’s products and services, through redemption points, which can be used to redeem for attractive gifts.

Am I eligible to earn the points?

The programme is open to all TM residential customers.

For business customers, the membership is by invitation only. To register your interest, click here.

I am already a TM Rewards member. Do I have to re-register?

​Yes, you need to re-register to create a Membership Account in order for you to start earning your points.

How do I register as a member?

​​​​​For quick and hassle-free registration, go to and click TM Rewards. Alternatively, you can visit any TMpoint or chat with us at​ for assistance.

Why am I not able to access the TM Rewards registration page and Member's portal?

Please check your browser version. TM Rewards can be best viewed with Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and above.​

Why am I not able to login into TM Rewards website?

Please make sure your browser's pop up blocker is turned off. For details on how to turn off pop up blocker, select one of the following:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 & 8.0
  • Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 & above

If the problem persist, please chat with us at​ for assistance.

How will I know my online registration is successful?

​Upon successful registration, you will receive an acknowledgement email with instructions to activate your membership.

I did not receive the acknowledgement email and not able to activate my Membership Account. What should I do?

​Please check your Spam or Junk folders as the email may have been sent there. If you still did not receive it, please chat with us at for assistance.​

Is there any registration fee or monthly charges to become a member?

​The membership is free of charge.

Do I get a membership card?

​No membership card will be issued. A Membership Account together with its identification numbers i.e. a 8-digit Membership number and 16-digit Reward number, will be created where all awarded points will be recorded.

Do I need to renew my membership?

​Membership is valid as long as you are a TM customer.

Earning Points

How do I earn points?

​There are many ways for you to earn points.

  • Earn your first 500 points when you register as a member
  • Pay your TM bills before or on the due date to earn 1 point for every RM1 spent
  • Get surprise points from TM to you – log in as a member to see if you are one of our lucky members
  • Earn points faster at TM Rewards promotion page
My TM bill is RM115.30, how many points do I earn?

To earn 1 point for every RM1 spent, you will need to pay your bill in full amount before or on the due date.


Bill Information:
Bill date10th January10th February10th March10th April
Due date6th February6th March6th April10th April
Current chargesRM85.30RM110.00RM97.80RM130.00
Overdue chargesRM30RM0-RM40.00RM7.80
Total amount dueRM115.30RM110.00RM57.80RM137.80
Payment Details:
ScenarioFull paymentExtra paymentPartial paymentFull payment
Payment madeBefore/on due dateBefore/on due dateBefore/on due dateAfter due date
Payment amountRM115.30RM150.00RM50.00RM137.80
Points Earned:
Total points*115 points150 points0 point0 point
Points awarded and viewable in Member's portal20th February20th Marchn/an/a


*Points calculated on round down basis

When will the points be awarded into my Membership Account?

​Upon registration, you will earn your one-time points immediately. However, for bill payment, points will be awarded within 10 days after the next month’s bill date (please refer to the above table for illustration).

If I have more than one TM account/bill, will my points be awarded into one Membership Account?

​Yes, all points earned from TM Broadband and TM Phone services will be assigned into one Membership Account.

Can I register a supplementary member?

​No, it is a 1 customer 1 membership method. There is no need for a supplementary member. TM will automatically calculate your points for you. Unlike other loyalty programmes , members and his/her supplementary members can earn points from participating partners.

Can I transfer my points to other Membership Account?

​The points are not transferable.

Redeeming Points

When can I start redeeming rewards with my points?

​You can redeem as soon as you have sufficient points in your active Membership Account.

What if my TM service account is suspended?

​Kindly note that the status of your Membership Account is linked to your TM service account. In the event your TM account is suspended, you will only be able to redeem points for TM bill rebate to help you settle the total amount due.

How do I check my account status, points balance, transaction history and submit my redemption order?

​​There are 4 ways:

  • Check online at and click TM Rewards
  • Go to any TMpoint
  • Chat with us at​ for assistance
  • Check your TM bill. Summary of the points earned will also be displayed on the 2nd page (top portion) of your TM bill.

However, kindly note that the above 3 channels will have the most updated information.

What can I redeem with my points?

​You may redeem your points for rebate on TM bills and Hyppflicks+ vouchers.​

Is there a form for me to fill up to redeem my points?

​Yes, to redeem, you just need to login the Members’ portal, click “Use My Reward Points” and submit your order. Alternatively, you can visit any TMpoint or chat with us at for assistance.​

When will I receive my TM bill rebate once I have submitted the order?

​Your rebate will be reflected automatically in the next month's bill as a bill/credit adjustment.

Is there any expiry date to my points?

​Yes there is. Your points are valid for 3 years and will be forfeited upon expiry. Deduction of points will be based on first-in-first-out basis. For example, points earned in July 2011 will expire in July 2014.