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Your guide to our services, from product and billing information to online supplier system, for both customer and business.

Supplier Self Service (SUS)


SUS Login

Supplier Self-Services [SUS] allows registered TM supplier to interact electronically with TM for purposes of :

  • To respond to purchase order (PO)
  • To submit online invoice
  • To participate in bidding/auction
  • To view payment status
  • To update company data

Click here to login into SUS Portal arrow.jpg login.png

First Time Login? Click here


For quick guide on how to use SUS portal, refer to SUS Process On Page (POP)

Important Notes :

info.jpgKindly avoid accessing SUS Portal on every Saturday  of the month from 5.00pm-
             4.00pm (23 hours) due to regular
system maintenance.

info.jpgPlease do not expose your password to anyone.
info.jpgPlease ensure that documents uploaded into the system is of type Adobe Acrobat

info.jpgPlease ensure you have meet minimum system requirement and prerequisite 
              system setting
before using SUS Portal
info.jpgFor Supplier Relationship Management - Supplier Onboarding Terms & Conditions,
          click here.
info.jpgTo download E-invoicing Mandatory Supporting Documents; Click here
info.jpgShould you need for additional SUS user ID, click here for more information


User Guide

Use the following links to access:-

  1. How To Create Online Invoice & Credit Memos? / Bagaimana Untuk Membuat Invois & Memo Kredit?
  2. How To Update Company Information? / Bagaimana Untuk Kemaskini Maklumat Syarikat?
  3. How To Process Purchase Order Response (POR)? / Bagaimana Untuk Proses Respon Pesanan Pembelian (POR)?
  4. How to View Offline Reports? / Bagaimana Untuk Melihat "Offline Reports"?
  5. How To Participate in RFQ? / Bagaimana Untuk Mengambil Bahagian Dalam Pelawaan Sebut Harga (RFQ)?
  6. How to Renew Supplier Registration
  7. Download E-invoicing Mandatory Supporting Documents
  8. SRM E-Invoicing Brochure (Progressive Payment)
  9. How To Update GST Information at SRM SUS Suppliers

Click here for more:

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