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Your guide to our services, from product and billing information to online supplier system, for both customer and business.

SRM Overview

Introduction to SRM

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a web-based purchasing platform that delivers sustainable savings and value generation for world-class supply management. It covers the full supply cycle from strategic sourcing to operational procurement and supplier enablement, leveraging consolidated content and master data. SRM enable end-to-end procure-to-pay procurement business processes. It reduces time and cost to qualify suppliers with SAP SRM. It manages suppliers according to goods and services they provide by relevant product categories.

There are 2 main SRM modules which related to the suppliers :

1. Registration of Suppliers [ROS]

Registration of Supplier [ROS] allows interested suppliers to self-register online, to become an approved TM supplier. It is compulsory for all suppliers to self-register online, which goes through an application processing. Hence, the manual registration form is no longer applicable for any matter pertaining to supplier registration.

 To register as TM supplier, please click Registration of Supplier (ROS)


2. Supplier Self-Service [SUS]

Supplier Self-Services [SUS] allows registered TM supplier to interact electronically with TM for purposes of :

a) To respond to purchase order (PO)
b) To submit online invoice
c) To participate in bidding/auction
d) To view payment status
e) To update company data

Go to Supplier Self-Services [SUS] pages

For quick guide on how to use SUS portal, refer to SUS process on page (POP)


Latest News


20 March 2014 - SRM Supplier training for April - August 2014 is now available!


14 April 2014

Dear Valued Supplier,

As a move towards encouraging work ethics and good governance at work, and also to abolish graft, TM has taken the initiative to introduce the Integrity Pact which is an agreement between TM & Suppliers to abstain from corrupt practices, collusion and various forms of graft.

Please find more details of the Integrity Pact implementation in TM at TM Corporate Website.

Thus, effective 14th April 2014 it is mandatory for new interested suppliers as well as for renewal registration to accept online on the Integrity Pact in order to become TM group registered supplier.

Thank you.


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