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Your guide to our services, from product and billing information to online supplier system, for both customer and business.



Services Center

Use any of our customer support services when it comes to faulty telephone line reports.

100 Homeline


100 is TM's Customer Service Centre for all your enquiries and requests regarding TM:

Product and Services of TM:

  • Information and enquiry on products and services
  • Billing and payment enquiries
  • New and additional services application
  • Fault reporting and technical assistance
  • Customer feedback
  • Latest promotions

Mobile customers can reach our Customer Service Centre at 1 300 888 123.

100 call charges:

Service TypeTM Customer Service 100
Fixed Line Free
Maxis Depends on service provider*
Celcom RM1/call
Digi Depends on service provider*
U-mobile, Tune Talk and others Depends on service provider*


*Notes: Call charges is subject to Service Provider terms & condition.

101 Operator Assisted Calls

101 - Operator Assisted Calls (Domestic & International)

You can make domestic and international calls through our Domestic and International Call Assistance Services by dialing 101. You may also call to find out details with regards to the call connections for domestic and international.

The type of services that we offer are:-

Station-to-Station Call

You can call overseas telephone number. The call charge commences as soon as the required number replies.

Person to person Call

You can call to the specific person. The call charge commences as soon as the call is connected to the requested person. However, if the requested person is not available, the cancellation of call will be charged for 70 sen for domestic and RM2.00 for international.

Collect Call/Reverse Charge

You can request a call be charged to the called number. However, the call will only be connected if the person answering the call agrees to accept the charges.

For domestic call, the service covers nationwide, however for international call, it is only available to some countries.

Call Charges

Each connection is charged for a minimum of 3 minutes. After the first 3 minutes, it will be charged for every minute.

In addition to Call Charges, service fee of RM1.50 and RM5.00 are chargeable for domestic and international calls respectively. However, it will be charged for every successful call connected.

103 Directory Enquires

103 - Directory Enquiries


Directory service is one of TM's Customer Assistance Services, which provides telephone numbers upon enquiry for TM's customers who dial 103. Besides that, callers are also currently able to enquire on telephone numbers of two other network users i.e. Binasat Sdn Bhd and Time Telekom Sdn Bhd.

The computerised enquiry system is known as PANTAS (Panduan Telefon Awam Segera), which uses up-to-date technology to enable a faster response time and up-to-date information.

There are three Directory Service Centres, i.e. Melaka, Kuching and Kuala Lumpur, to facilitate all enquiries nationwide. For all enquiries, callers will only need to provide the full name and location of the enquired telephone number. The information provided will be in the form of a telephone number only.

Each enquiry will be charged RM0.30.

There is also a facility to connect the call of the enquired telephone number (call completion). The callers will be charged a Customer Service Assistance service fee as well as the duration of the completed call.

Special emphasis is given on data integrity and speed of answer. To meet this requirement, a caller must be prepared with the specific name and location of the enquiry to help the Customer Service Assistant to locate the number enquired.

103 call charges:

Service TypeTM Directory Assistance 103
Fixed LineRM0.30
Maxis RM2/call
U-mobile, Tune Talk and othersDepends on service provider

SMS 62100

"SMS 62100" is a new channel for you to contact Customer Service. This service will create new experience as it is simple and easy to use.
Just a text  away to solve your problem. Don't wait anymore send your SMS to 62100 now!

To start using SMS services, please register your mobile:

  • Type REG <home phone no. with area code> <name> <new IC> and send to 62100
  • e.g: REG 0312345678 ALI 780202030000


To change mobile no. :

  • Type CHG <new mobile> <old mobile> <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
  • e.g: CHG 0131234567 0191234567 0312345678


To check on your billing issue:

​Billing Statement

​Type BILL1 <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: BILL1 0312345678

Status Rebate​

​Type BILL2 <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: BILL2 0312345678

​Status of Refund

​​Type BILL3 <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: BILL3 0312345678


To report on home line technical problems & check on report status:

​Fault No Tone

​Type FAULT1 <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: FAULT1 0312345678

Fault Noisy​

​Type FAULT2 <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: FAULT2 0312345678

​Fault Status

​​Type FAULT3 <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: FAULT3 0312345678


To report on Streamyx technical problems:

​Report ​Code
​Fault Streamyx

​Type FAULTSTX <home phone no. with area code><dd/mm/yyyy><hr:mm> and send to 62100
e.g: FAULTSTX 0312345678 25/12/2011 14:30


To check TM Broadband availability in your area:

​Report ​Code
TM Broadband Availability​

​Type STX <home phone no. with area code> and send to 62100
e.g: STX 0312345678


To log General Complaint of Customer:

​Report ​Code
General Complaint​

​Type COMP <home phone no. with area code><problem statement> and send to 62100
e.g: COMP 0312345678 My Streamyx was down since 12 hours ago. Please help as I need it urgently.Thanks



1. Is this service available to all Mobile Service Providers?This service is available to DiGi, Maxis & Celcom subscribers only.
2. Is this SMS 62100 service free?

It is free for DiGi & Celcom subscribers, but chargeable to Maxis subscribers (15 sen per sms sent to 62100).

SMS from TM to customers - Maxis, DiGi & Celcom - is Free of Charge

3. What is the Short Code for this service?62100
4. Do I need to register to use this service? If yes, how do I do it?Yes, you need to register in order to use the service. However, to know about any product promotion, you do not need to register your mobile number.
5. How do I find out about the latest promotion?Just type PROMO <campaign code> and send to 62100.
6.  Do I need to register for this service to receive the latest promotion?No, type PROMO <campaign code> and send to 62100.
7.  How do I know if my SMS is successfully sent to TM?You will receive a notification from TM.
8.  I have more than one mobile numbers. Can I register all numbers for this SMS service?Yes, you can register up to 3 mobile numbers for this service.
9.  Can I change my mobile number registration?Yes, please send CHG <new mobile> <old mobile> <home phone no. with area code> to 62100 and then follow the instructions given
10. I want to know my updated bill, can this service assist me?Yes, send BILL1 <home phone no. with area code> to 62100 and then follow the instructions given.
11. How fast will I get a reply?You will receive a reply between 1-3 minutes depending on your service provider.
12. What if I do not receive a notification reply from TM?If this happens, it would mean that your area is most likely not within the SMS 62100 coverage area.
13. Can I report my faulty TM Broadband connection through SMS?Currently, the SMS Solutions only caters to Telephony faults. Broadband faults reporting will be ready soon.
14. What is the maximum character for SMS description?Standard of 160 characters (including space).
15. Can I register my business line for this service?We are sorry; this SMS service is currently for home fixed line only.
16. What shall I do if my line is still Temporary Out of Service (TOS) after receiving notification due to unpaid bill?Kindly call us at 100 for further assistance.



About @TMConnects -

@TMConnects serves to complement TM existing customer interaction channels:

  • TM Call Center:
    • 100 (Malaysia)
    • 1 300 888 123 (mobile)
    • +603 2241 1290 (outside Malaysia)
  • UniFi Call Center:
    • 1 300 88 1222 (pre sales)
    • 1 300 88 1221 (current subscribers)

Customers may also visit the nearest TMpoint outlets.

Our Rules of Engagement

TM encourages genuine and courteous feedback via @TMConnects.

@TMConnects will endeavour to:

  • Respond to your customer service-related tweets by acknowledging your tweet in the public timeline as soon as we can.
  • In appropriate cases we will ask for your personal information & account details via DM.
  • The follow up communications will be done offline by our customer service team.

@TMConnects will not:

  • Issue / close a trouble ticket via Twitter itself. We will escalate to the relevant customer service team for further action.
  • Respond to or acknowledge abusive or rude mentions on the Twitter public timeline.