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Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) would like to caution the public that an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call claiming to be from TM or its collection agencies has been notifying customers that their service will be terminated due to outstanding TM bills. The IVR recording then prompts customers to press 9 to speak to a customer service personnel who then proceeds to attain sensitive information from the customer.


We would like to stress that credit management procedures with such modus operandi are fraudulent in nature and are most definitely not affiliated with TM.


For customers who have registered for TM Autopay service, kindly note that the amount due will automatically be charged to their registered credit card or bank account each month prior to the actual due date. For easy tracking, customers can refer to their monthly bill statement via their previously selected medium. Customers can also check their TM Autopay status via the above-mentioned channels.


We wish to reiterate that payment for TM services can only be made directly to TM via its official payment channel and not through personal accounts or companies that claim to represent TM. NEVER transfer payments to personal accounts or companies that claim to represent or act on behalf of TM.


As we begin moving all our customers to e-billing to ensure optimum security, we encourage you to register and opt for e-billing today, here's how:   

1.     Visit unifi.com.my

2.     Register preferred email

3.     All bills will be sent to your preferred email and it can be viewed up to 6 months.


While it is common practice for service providers to send reminders for outstanding payments via emails, phone calls and/or text messages, we strongly advise customers to verify the outstanding amount by checking their physical and online bill. You can also verify via live chat on unifi.com.my or contact us via Twitter @helpmeunifi, via unifi page on Facebook or email us at help@tm.com.my.


For the list of authorised TM payment channels, visit here​.


TM urges all its customers to be mindful and cautious if they should receive such calls or messages.


Thank you.​


Telekom Malaysia