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("TM's Trademark")​

A trademark indicates the connection between any particular goods or services and the owner of the trademark. A trademark not only gives the owner of the trademark with the exclusive right to use but also allows the owner of the trademark to prevent others from using a similar trademark that can lead to confusion among the general public.


Telekom Malaysia Berhad ("TM") is the owner of the TM's Trademark. The TM's Trademark is an extremely valuable and enduring property of TM and plays a very important role to TM and TM Group's businesses. Any unauthorised use of the TM's Trademark may amount to an infringement of the trademark rights of TM.


It has recently come to our knowledge that the TM's Trademark has been used by third parties on their equipment, namely Fiber Termination Boxes and Firewall Sockets, which are neither manufactured by TM nor manufactured with the approval, consent or authority of TM. Though TM may accept the apology notice from the third parties concerned now, TM will not hesitate to enforce TM's trademark rights against any future infringements by any unauthorised parties.


TM wishes to highlight that the Company views all unauthorised use of the TM's Trademark on any platform, medium and/or media including but not limited to business premises, business medium and social media sites, very seriously as it adversely impacts its goodwill, reputation and customers' experience. Any use of TM's Trademark including TM's other trademarks are strictly prohibited without proper consent in writing by TM.


Thank you. ​