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Video Conferencing



Video Conferencing


Powering-Up Corporate Communication
Video Conferencing ensures that you keep in touch frequently and consistently with those who matter to your business - your customers, your associates and even your colleagues.

Needless to say, it's a smarter and more cost-effective alternative to physical travel, now that you can 'meet' without actually having to meet! With visible body language and sheer system versatility, you can expect more productive and effective business communication aside from the undeniable cost benefits.

Event Services
You decide on the location and Conferencing Services will assemble with a team of experts on standby to manage the complete video conferencing facilities.

Multi-Link Services
Conduct virtual meetings with up to 30 remote parties in a single conferencing session! With Multi-Link, you can enjoy the convenience of a multi-party conference, regardless of physical distance.

The system integrates audio, video and data conferencing to deliver a comprehensive and truly effective meeting, minus the expenses you might have incurred otherwise. Our continuous presence mode allows a maximum of 16 parties to be visible simultaneously on a split quadrant screen.

Video Conferencing Studios
Tips & How to Use


Video Conferencing Studios

Located in every state capital and selected major towns nationwide, these studios feature complete video conferencing equipment with additional business tools for a truly effective conference.

With global connectivity, you will meet your participants, regardless of where they are. Needless to say, it's a cost-effective solution since you don't have to buy and maintain expensive conferencing equipment of your own.

These studios and amenities are available on a rental basis.

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Tips & How To Use


Some Useful Tips

  • Book your conference in advance and be aware of differences in time zones when planning your meeting.
  • Inform all the participants of the date, time and other conference details in advance.
  • It is essential to conduct testing prior to video conferencing session to assure smooth, trouble-free operation during the conference.
  • Wear pastel coloured attire to reduce glare. If you are wearing white, wear a dark jacket over it. Also mind your posture.
  • Arrive early to the conference and familiarize yourself with the equipment and environment.
  • In a live conference, the camera is your audience. Address it directly and speak clearly and loudly.
  • Mute your microphone whenever you are not actively participating in the proceedings to avoid inadvertent disruptions.
  • Minimize movements during the video conference as abrupt or continuous movements can distort the visual.


Contact your TM Account Manager or call 1800-88-MEET(6338) or email for further information.
To register or make a reservation for our conferencing services, kindly complete and forward both forms as below to us.


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