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VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)


When you're located in a remote area and there are no fixed phone lines or mobile phone coverage, VSAT connects you to the outside world using only a satellite dish.

Example: Best Minyak Plantations is one of the country's biggest producers of palm oil, and some of its estates are found in the most remote corners of Sarawak. Without the convenience of fixed-line and mobile phone coverage, these remote estates rely solely on VSAT. With VSAT, they are never out of range of satellite signals. In fact, they communicate with the rest of the world through Voice, Fax and Broadband just like everyone else.

VSAT offers a cost-effective means of implementing a high quality, reliable communications link to widely distributed sites or isolated areas. In addition, it allows rapid, low-cost network re-configuration and expansion to meet your new or unexpected business requirements.

Businesses that will benefit most from VSAT

  • Finance and banking
  • Plantations
  • Petrol stations
  • Government Agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and exploration
  • News agency
  • Shipping and freight handling
  • Travel and tourism
  • Agricultural companies

Features and Benefits:

  • No worry of disruption from erratic electrical supply
  • Simple installation of satellite dish
  • Independent of terrestrial infrastructures --- not affected by weather
  • Allows you to easily expand your business coverage to even the most remote areas
  • Upgradeable speeds from 9.6kbps to 2Mbps
  • 24-hr after-sales support
  • Borderless communication within the satellite coverage area
  • 99.7% availability


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