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Imagine driving with cruise control set permanently at 155km/h on an empty highway that’s open 24/7 with no speed traps, no traffic lights and no jams to slow you down - that’s Direct.

If your business depends on a solid Internet connection that must be up at all times, Direct is the best solution. With fixed IP, and a dedicated digital link, you don’t have to worry about any downtime. Best of all, it allows upload and download traffic to run concurrently at high speed without sacrificing network efficiency.

Features and benefits:

Multiple - Users With Cost-Effective Solution
A stable connection, which allows many networks to share a single Internet access line.

24/7 Internet Connection
An ‘always on’ Internet connection which allows businesses to run globally.

24/7 Customer Service + Managed Service
A dedicated 24-hour Technical Support Centre.

A Dedicated Digital Internet Access
The dedicated digital link provides Service Level Guarantee (SLG) of speed and security guaranteed speed and security.

Internet Access - Instantaneous and highly reliable
The superior performance enables CASP/2nd Tier-ISP/On-Line Service Provider to run critical Internet applications.

Unlimited IP Addresses
With a minimum of one block of Class C or 254 IP addresses, customers can configure their network in unlimited ways.

Online Bandwidth Utilization Reports
Free 24/7 online bandwidth utilization reports to monitor the service usage.


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