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You want high speed and error-free quality, and you want it for all aspects of your communication needs Voice, Fax, Data, Video, Internet -- all simultaneously?

Then ISDN is the solution for you.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a system of digital phone connections designed for sending voice, video, and data simultaneously over digital or ordinary phone lines, with a much faster speed and higher quality than an analog system can provide.

With speeds of up to 2 Mbps, it transmits information four times faster than a normal phone line. That means no slowdown, no waiting and, most of all, higher efficiency.




A. PRI Price Package

Standard PRI Price Package ​
I​tem ​Charges
Basic Package (without DDI numbers) RM700 / month ​RM 700 / month
Prime Package* RM900 / month ​​RM 900 / month
Special Package for Higher Learning Institutions* RM700 / month ​​RM 700 / month
Additional DDI numbers RM150/ month (per block of 100 numbers only) ​​RM 150 / month (per block of 100 numbers only)
​Deposit (Refundable) RM1000 ​​RM 1000
​Connection Fee (One time charge) RM1000 ​​​RM 1000


* Rental includes 200DDI numbers 


B. PRI Temporary Connection

PRI Temporary Connection ​
​Item / Charges                 ​PRI
​Line Deposit  ​RM1,500
​Connection Fee  ​RM1,500
​Rental  ​RM1,000 per month (min)


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