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IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network)


An end-to-end virtual private network that allows your HQ and all its geographically dispersed offices to be in connection at all times - fully secured and at guaranteed-consistent high speeds.

Sending encrypted data over the public Internet is simply not a viable solution, especially if you're in the banking or a similar business that demands a fully-secured connection to all your branch offices throughout the country.

The solution is IPVPN, designed to meet business demands for greater bandwidth and security.


Features and benefits:

Access Speeds from 64K to 1Gbps
Enjoy a range of scalable speeds base on access options to meet your growing business requirements.


Able to accommodate future office locations, growth in the regional offices. Able to upgrade connections.

For more information, please speak to our personnel at 1800 888 763 (SME).



IPVPN Bandwidth on Demand (BOD)

    1. Description: IPVPN Bandwidth On Demand(BOD) offers flexibility of bandwidth upgrade to customers who needs additional bandwidth on seasonal basis as per their business requirement needs.
    2. Benefits:
  • No physical work required within the same port
  • Automatically downgrade when  the time period expires
  • Cost effective measure to ensure smooth business continuity

IPVPN Bandwidth on demand is available for ordering. Kindly contact Sales personnel.


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