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Disaster Recovery

When Customer Service and Sales are highly dependent on your call centre being up at all times.

Imagine you're running an organisation as important as the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM), and everyday, sometimes at the oddest hours, members call up to ask for roadside assistance. What if your centre was hit by a flash flood or a fire, or a serious power black-out?

It's TM's Disaster Recovery Service to the rescue. Then all you have to do is simply relocate your Customer Service team to TM's Disaster Recovery Call Centre with minimal disruption and you will be able to continue assisting your members without a hitch. What's more, all emails and even faxes will be re-routed to the Centre as well.

That's not all, TM will also provide your team with work-stations, headsets, laser-printers and fax and photocopy machines to ensure that you continue with your business, or service -- that means it's business as usual.


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