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M provides businesses with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions
coupled with up-to-date communications technology.

Audio Conferecing

Hybrid Audio Conferencing utilizes your existing telephone network to facilitate multi-party communication between
participants, regardless of distance or time. In short, it connects you to the right persons whenever you need them. This in turn, makes decision-making a breeze!

Besides the proven benefits of convenience and cost effectiveness, Audio Conferencing is a feature-rich solution that ensures you satisfaction in conducting business the way you see fit. It complements your ambitions by simply granting you the power of unrivalled business communication.



Reservationless Conference
With Reservationless Conference, you can launch your conference anytime, 24 hours a day! Conference Chairman and participants just need to dial the conference Access Number, key in assigned PINs and they will be instantly linked to their conference. What's more, you and your meeting participants will enjoy nationwide call charges of only 4 sen per minute!

Audio With Data Conference
For Audio with Data conference, customers will have the flexibility of a Reservationless Conference with the added feature of Data Collaboration. The Data Collaboration feature includes the ability to share documents, make presentations and to have a limited control of the Conference. Click here to go to the login page of Audio with Data conference.

Chairman Dial Out Conference
Chairman Dial Out gives you more power and control over your conference as you can dial as many people as you desire, anytime you need to have a meeting. The chairman can call participants one at a time before or during the conference and bring them into the conference as they answer.

Assisted Conference
With Assisted Conference, you can enjoy extra features such as Q&A sessions despite the lack of physical presence, Digital Recording and Playback, and Tape Recording to ensure important details of your conference are available for future retrieval.

Operator Dial Conference
A Premium service where TM will manage the conference from start to finish. Each participant will be called by our
Conference Administrator at the scheduled time and place in the conference. You can also enjoy the extra features with Operator Dial Out Conference.

Freephone Conference
If you are away from the office or travelling overseas and need to join the audio conference, Freephone Access allows all the costs to be centralized and borne by the chairman. Rates and availability vary from country to country.

Investor Relations
TM offers an integrated solution to companies that allow them to connect to their investors, financial analyst and media
professionals to deliver information on a regular basis.




Tips & How To Use




Contact your TM Account Manager or call 1800-88-MEET(6338) or email for further information.
To register or make a reservation for our conferencing services, kindly complete and forward both forms as below to us.


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