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Value Added Services


TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology




Direct Dail In

Direct Dial In, or sometimes known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a facility generally serviced through PABX, which allows the caller to access an extension direct without the help of an operator.
Recommended for customers with more than 100 extensions on PABX, Direct Dial In reduces congestion at the PABX, reduces call set-up time and increases reliability. Subscribers also have a better chance of successful calls, subsequently increasing sales and improving business opportunities.

  • Installation Charges
    Installation charges for a Direct Dial In line is RM50.00 per line.
  • Rental Charges
    Rental charges for Direct Dial In lines are RM55.00 per line.
Businessline SMS

Businessline SMS @ Office

  • Your secretary can Businessline SMS you without interrupting your meeting.
  • When your customer can't reach you on the phone, let them Business SMS their enquiries or orders to your Homeline/Business SMS phone.
  • Let your customers Business SMS you for hotel reservations or travel arrangements.
  • Enables more diverse usage from any business


Price & Usage Charges

Monthly fee: RM4.24
Business SMS to Business SMS - 11 sen/message
Business SMS to mobile - 16 sen/message
Business SMS to fax/email - 11 sen/message

Price inclusive of GST
How to Register

  1. Check if Caller Line Identification is available in your area.
  2. Register at the nearest TMpoint or Pejabat TM Tempatan.
  3. Purchase the Homeline/Business SMS phone of your choice from TMpoint or other outlets. Ensure the Homeline/Business SMS phone is certified to work with TM Homeline/Business SMS service.

Information on Demand using Homeline/Business SMS:

  • JPJ Blacklist
  • Weather Forecast
  • Solat Times
  • Ringtones Dedication
  • Picture Message Dedication
  • Jokes
  • Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya
Caller Line Identification

​Caller Line Identification allows the caller's number to be displayed on integrated Caller Line Identification phone screen or on the special adjunct unit attached to the telephone. Besides the caller's number, Caller Line Identification also provides information on the time and date when incoming calls were received.
Advantages of Having Caller Line Identification

  • By identifying the caller, you can add a personal touch when answering calls.
  • Know the telephone number of the caller before answering the call.
  • Never miss any important calls again.
  • Store caller's number.
  • Sequential call number display.
  • Displays date and time of each call.
  • Indicates the latest incoming call received.
  • Displays telephone numbers of all incoming calls.
  • Allows caller's number review.
  • Avoid any crank calls.



  • Caller Line Identification allows you to know the caller's number before answering the call.
  • You will never miss any important call again as missing incoming call numbers will be stored in the device. You will know the date and time of each incoming call as well.
  • It's easy to return calls as some Caller Line Identification phones can store 99 caller phone numbers (subject to device type), and the time and date of each incoming call.
  • Caller Line Identification is subject to the availability of services from the serving exchange.
​Enhanced Facilities

​​Enhanced Facilities are special features that can be added on to your telephone service for better telephone convenience. There are currently 9 features available for you to subscribe to. To start using these features, you’ll need to subscribe to either any one of these main features to receive a supplementary feature for free:​

Main Features
-Subscribe to either one to receive a supplementary feature
​Price​Supplementary features
- Subscribe to a main feature to receive any of these for free

Call Waiting
Alerts B-party with a special tone if A-party is trying to get through when B-party is engaged.

Call Transfer
Able to transfer all incoming calls automatically to another telephone number when A-party is not around to pick up the phone.


Call Transfer on Busy
Every call made by A-party to B-party can be transferred to C-party when B-party is engaged.


Call Transfer on No Reply
Able to transfer all incoming calls to another telephone number when no one answers the phone within 30 seconds.


3-way Calling
Able to include a third party for convenient 3-way conversation.













Speed dialing
Able to store up to 20 telephone numbers that can be dialed easily by keying in a 2-digit code for each number stored.

Reminder Call
Able to program your phone to ring at a fixed time as a reminder or as a wake up call.

Last number Redial
The last number dialed can be automatically redialed with the touch of a button.


Auto Call Back
This feature calls both parties back automatically as soon as the busy party is free. It must be programmed immediately after hanging up due to a busy tone.

 Price exclusive of GST.​​​


If you decide to have more facilities from the supplementary group, it has to be subscribed and the prices will remain the same.


  • Package features are subject to availability of facilities from the serving exchange.
  • Call Waiting and Call Transfer on Busy cannot be offered together.
  • Call Transfer cannot be offered simultaneously.
  • Only a single feature is available at any one time.
  • Call Transfer and Call Waiting cannot be offered together with Voicemail.
  • Three-Way Calling is only offered to corporate customers and is subject to TM's approval.
  • For Auto Call Back, both parties must be within the same exchange area.

For registration, customers can register at TMpoint, or fax the application form to call TM 100.
To confirm the effective activation date of the service applied, customers have to call the nearest TMpoint or TM 100.
Customers have to maintain the service for no less than 6 months.
For service termination, customers can terminate the service at TMpoint, TM 100.