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Voice Services : ISDN

ISDN is a service which offers integrated communications with high-speed connections of better quality, compared to conventional analogue lines. All voice, data, images and video can be transmitted using ISDN and it allows convenient multi-tasking such as accessing the Internet and making or receiving calls and faxes simultaneously.


ISDN Primary Rate

ISDN Primary Rate connection offers speeds of up to 2Mbps. With 30x64k channels, customers are able to make simultaneous calls over each channel which can be used individually or aggregated to provide a larger ‘line’ for data transmissions such as high quality graphics and videos.
With an ISDN Primary Rate service, you will be able to connect your PABX, use the in dial facility for all your incoming calls, both voice and data. You may also dedicate a few of the lines for video conferencing.
Telephone Numbers
You can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers, allowing customers and business contacts to dial directly through to staff members, without passing through a switchboard. You can provide your staff with individual DDI numbers.

  • With ISDN Primary Rate, you have a choice of feature-rich digital switch/PBX equipment.
  • There is a wide range of digital devices, including telephones, fax machines and ISDN cards for computers
  • There is a wide range of compatible equipment, giving you access to the latest digital technology


ISDN Primary Rate Applications

​Typical applications include Call Centres, Internet service providers and large companies with a requirement for multiple incoming/outgoing extensions.
You can combine these for bandwidth-hungry applications such as high-quality video conferencing or transferring large data files. ISDN is ideal for wide-area networks linking two or more offices.
You can use ISDN for voice calls and for high-quality data links with other ISDN subscribers. Digital connections are often used for transferring large files securely, for video-conferencing and for linking Local Area Networks at different sites.
You can make data calls to other countries that have ISDN services. See list of countries with ISDN interconnection.

ISDN Primary Rate Pricing



​Line Deposit
​Connection Fee
(One time Charge)
​Monthly Rental​RM700​RM900​RM1,000 per month (min)
​Available Features​-​200 Direct Dial In Numbers


* Basic Package available for Higher Learning Institution.
Suplementary Features

​Monthly fee
​Caller Line Identification​RM3.00
​Additional Direct Dial In Numbers

RM150/month (per block of 100 numbers only)



​ISDN Basic Rate

ISDN Basic Rate is a single line that is split to 2 digital lines (channels) of 64 kbps each which can be used separately, so that you can simultaneously make calls, fax or surf the net at the same time, making it more flexible and cost effective. Both channels can be bonded to provide 128 kbps for fast Internet access.*
*Calls at 128 kbps establish 2 calls at 64kbps, so 2 sets of call charges will be incurred.
Both channels can be bonded to provide 128 kbps for fast data transfer or video conferencing.*
You can add further ISDN Basic Rate lines to your installation, increasing the number of simultaneous connections and/or available data bandwidth.
This gives your business more flexibility and convenience with telecommunication
Depending on the equipment that is used, you can connect up to 8 digital devices to a single ISDN Basic Rate line. These can be digital phones, digital fax machines or computers equipped with an ISDN card.
You can also use analogue equipment, which you connect to the ISDN line through an interface called a Terminal Adapter (TA).
These saves you hassles of plugging and unplugging equipment that you want to use on the line.With a different line configuration, instead of connecting eight digital devices you can connect a digital switch/PBX.
Further info about ISDN configurations and devices learn more here.
ISDN-ready package provides you with two digital lines as well as a digital modem to get your ISDN Basic Rate service set-up faster. Plus you save more money as extra equipment are no longer required. With your ISDN-ready package, you can connect up to 5 devices and can operate 2 devices simultaneously.


ISDN Applications

​Voice Calls
Connect multiple Basic Rate lines to a digital switch/PBX and save cost by reducing the rental charges.
Fast Data Transfer
Transfer large files securely and quickly through point-to-point dialing
You can also make data calls to other countries that have ISDN. See the list of the countries.
Access the Internet
Connect multiple Pc’s in LAN to the Internet for a far lower cost than individual dedicated lines.
Remote Network Access
Give your staff remote access to office network so that they can work from home.
Connecting LANs
Link all the LANS to create WAN and share data across the offices conveniently.
Meet via Video Conferencing
Multiple ISDN Basic Rate lines give high transmission rate (typically 64kbps – 384 kbps) for good quality picture and audio while conferencing. Additional equipment required. See the list of equipment.
You can make video calls to other countries that have ISDN. See the list of the countries.
Back-up your data
At a fraction of the cost of a separate leased line, ISDN Basic Rate is needed when disaster strikes to reestablish lost communication.

ISDN Pricing


​Line Deposit

Connection Fee
(One time Charge)

​Equipment Deposit​NA​RM100​NA
​Monthly RentalRM60​​RM63*​RM100
  • Monthly Rental RM 63 = Line rental RM 60 + Equipment(Modem) rental RM3.
  • Applicable to schools and higher learning Institution (private and Government).

Suplementary Features

​Monthly fee
​Caller Line Identification​RM3.00
​Call Forwarding Unconditional (CFU)​RM1.50
​Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN)*​RM1.00/number
​Call Waiting/Call Hold (CW/CH)​RM1.50


* Maximum 8 numbers for one Basic Rate line

** Basic Rate is able to serve for hunting facilities and a maximum of 8 Basic Rate lines can be served in one hunting group.

*** Subject to availability of the above features.