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Fixed Lines : Long Distance Calls


TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.



Fixed Lines

Local Calls | Long Distance Calls

With International Call service, customers can dial direct overseas without the assistance of an operator. This facility allows customers to enjoy cheaper and faster overseas connections. Charges for International Call calls are itemised in the telephone bill.


Long Distance calls consist of:

National Calls

​National calls are self-dialed calls from a town to another beyond the adjacent charge area.


Ipoh, Lahad and Pulai are grouped as one charge area.
Chemor and Sungai Siput are grouped as another charge area.


Charges from Homeline/Businessline phones to Homeline/Businessline phones:

​Distance (km)
Homeline/Businessline to
​Full Rate
7.00 a.m. -
6.59 p.m.
​Reduced rate
7.00 p.m. -
6.59 a.m.
​Operator Assisted**
(charge per 3 mins)
​Band A (Not Exceeding 50km)​10 sen/50 seconds​10 sen/60 seconds*​35 sen
​Band B (50km - 150km)​10 sen/20 seconds​10 sen/40 seconds​90 sen
​Band C (Exceeding 150km)​10 sen/7 seconds​10 sen/14 seconds​RM2.70

Price inclusive of GST


  * Currently, TM charges for each 75 seconds
** Operator Assisted
     - Service charge per effective call is RM1.50
     - Per block of 3+3


Charges from Homeline/Business phones to Mobile phones:

​MTX Area
Homeline/Businessline to Mobile
​Full Rate
9.00 a.m. -
8 .59 p.m.
​Reduced rate
9.00 p.m. -
8.59 a.m.
​Operator Assisted
(charge per 3 mins)

Band L (within MTX)
​10 sen/20 seconds​10 sen/30 seconds
​Band M (Adjacent MTX)​10 sen/8.6 seconds​10 sen/15 seconds​RM2.10
​Band N (Non-Adjacent MTX)​10 sen/8.6 seconds​10 sen/15 seconds​RM2.10

Price inclusive of GST


  • The above call charge is effective from 1st Jan 2005
  • A service charge of RM1.50 is levied for the effective call made via Operator Assisted service
  • MTX denotes Mobile Telephone Exchange Area


Charges from Homeline/Businessline phones to Neighbouring countries:

​Standard Rate
​Operator Assisted*
(charge per 3 mins)
​Border Area to Singapore**/Brunei***​10 sen/20 seconds​RM0.95

Price inclusive of GST


    * Operator Assisted - Service charge per effective call is RM1.50
  ** Border area to Singapore - Johor Bharu, Kangkar Pulai, Tiram, Linggiu, Kulai, Pontian, Air Baloi, Air Tawar Lima, Kota Tinggi, Penawar, Pengerang
*** Border area to Brunei - Kg Bakam, Kg Pahlawan, Lawas, Long Lama, Marudi, Miri, Mulu Resort, Sundar, Labuan.

​Full Rate
7.00 a.m. - 6.59 p.m.
​Reduced rate
7.00 p.m. - 6.59 a.m.
​Operator Assisted*
(charge per 3 mins)
​Rest of Peninsular Malaysia to Singapore**​10 sen/3.1 seconds​10 sen/5.8 seconds​RM6.00
Sabah/Sarawak to Singapore​10sen/2.3 seconds​10 sen/4.6 seconds​RM7.80
​Rest of Sabah/Sarawak to Brunei**10 sen/3.1 seconds​10 sen/5.8 seconds

Price inclusive of GST


    * Operator Assisted - Service charge per effective call is RM1.50
  ** Denotes area other than border area 

Price is exclusive of GST.

International Calls

Enjoy clear and high quality International Call service by dialing direct from your home/office by using TM's Homeline/Businessline telephone service. With our Homeline/Businessline telephone service, you save the hassle of dialing additional access codes, e.g. Equal Access numbers, Freephone or local access numbers or pin numbers for International Call services provided by other Telephone companies.

Making an International Direct Call

Applies to Business and Home User.

Now, with TM's International Call service, you will enjoy our SINGLE RATE PER COUNTRY tariff for 24 hours everyday. Call your loved ones, friends and business associates in more than 230 countries worldwide when it is most convenient to you. With our International Call service, there are no more barriers to hearing the voices of loved ones or enhancing businesses through real time relationships.

International Direct Dial (International Call) Rates

Enjoy these attractive New International Call rates for the following services provided by TM:

  • Businessline and Homeline telephone services
  • Homeline and Businessline Wireless
  • ISDN
  • Centrex
  • 181 Equal Access
  • Telecard
  • Malaysia Direct via Telecard
  • International Freephone
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Payphone

Calls for International Call will be charged on the actual usage duration starting from calls being connected to the destination number until it is terminated by the caller.

Know more International Call charges

International Calls via Operator Assisted International Services are also reduced accordingly.

Now call MORE OFTEN and get in touch with your loved ones overseas. Maximise your business reach with our New International Call rates. WHY WAIT? CALL NOW!