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TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.

ISDN is a service which offers integrated communications with high-speed connections of better quality, compared to conventional analogue lines. All voice, data, images and video can be transmitted using ISDN and it allows convenient multi-tasking such as accessing the Internet and making or receiving calls and faxes simultaneously.

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ISDN Primary Rate

ISDN Primary Rate connection offers speeds of up to 2Mbps. With 30x64k channels, customers are able to make simultaneous calls over each channel which can be used individually or aggregated to provide a larger ‘line’ for data transmissions such as high quality graphics and videos.
With an ISDN Primary Rate service, you will be able to connect your PABX, use the in dial facility for all your incoming calls, both voice and data. You may also dedicate a few of the lines for video conferencing.
Telephone Numbers
You can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers, allowing customers and business contacts to dial directly through to staff members, without passing through a switchboard. You can provide your staff with individual DDI numbers.


  • With ISDN Primary Rate, you have a choice of feature-rich digital switch/PBX equipment.
  • range of digital devices, including telephones, fax machines and ISDN cards for computers
  • There is a wide range of compatible equipment, giving you access to the latest digital technology


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