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TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.
Geographical Information System is an "intelligent" digital mapping system that is able to pin point locations right up to the street name, address, latitude and longitude. It enables users to plan ahead in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their businesses operations.
Perfect for companies specializing in surveying, engineering, urban planning, delivery and construction among others, the Geographical Information System allows efficient planning and management of high-profile infrastructure and utility projects such as roads, water, drainage, telecommunication and electric power distribution, natural resource inventory improvement, risk mitigation, pollution control and effective emergency response.


Enables user to search and locate places using an updated and intuitive interface.
Provides data query with easy to use display controllers consisting of image and vector points.
Reduces travelling time of drivers and implements more efficient planning of journeys.
Reduces costs of fraudulent claims and fuel consumption.
Secured and confidential information managed by TM.
Backed by reliable infrastructure of TM.
Highly accurate digital maps.
Comprehensive and seamless digital map for the whole country.
Database management system (DBMS) that decreases processing time.
Integrated graphical user interface (GUI) programme to help users effectively manage daily assignment flow.
> Service Packages
Geographical Information System Standard
A basic package which includes installation and setup of Geographical Information System software and digital map. Users can tap into TM database servers via the Internet.

Geographical Information System Premier
An enhanced package which comprises the basic package plus Geographical Information System server software. The Geographical Information System database is housed in your servers at their premises. You also have the option of renting TM's servers at your premises or at the hosting centre in Cyberjaya.
Optional Features - Training & Installation