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Digital Satellite News Gathering

TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.



Cover news the digital way

TM is introducing the Digital Satellite News Gathering Service, the latest technology in the market to facilitate up-linking of news by pumping live telecasts from a location to a Satellite Earth Station. This technology has enhanced TM's news gathering services in places where conventional methods like cable feeding is absent or impossible to lay due to the short notice given by the broadcasters.
This is a satellite-based system for instantaneous and live news/special event/game coverage from anywhere to anywhere at anytime by using portable, flyaway or mobile systems.
Service Features

  • Flexible and superior quality either in Digital or Analogue system;
  • Rapid response anywhere at anytime (24-hour service);
  • Full redundancy on-board mobile systems;
  • Worldwide access and delivery (fully tested and verified with Intelsat, Panamsat and Measat satellite systems);
  • Communication packages via satellite (duplex communication);
  • Drastic reduction in size & cost;
  • End-to-end service;
  • KU-Band or C-Band; and
  • Highly reliable.


Service Applications

  • Live sports and news coverage (domestic and international);
  • Special events coverage (Summit, corporate meetings);
  • Concerts coverage;
  • Games coverage (cricket, football); and
  • Business television.

Negotiable & Customized