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Broadband Internet : Direct

TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.

About Direct


High-speed connectivity - enhancing your business further

Gain an edge over your competition with Direct. With this service you get to enjoy 24 hours of dedicated Internet access service via digital link with all the capabilities of conducting a business at high speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Direct - the most premium service from Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), gives you round-the-clock monitoring and support as well as the flexibility of running servers, systems and heavy multimedia applications. Whatever your business - multinational corporations, banks, finance institutions or even statutory, you will surely find Direct a useful tool for the enhancement of your business.

Benefits of Direct

Heavy Usage Of Internet
Allows upload and download traffic to run concurrently without sacrificing the speed of the network.

Multiple – Users With Cost-Effective Solution
A stable connection which allows many networks to share a single internet access line.

24 x 7 Internet Connection
An 'always-on' Internet connection which allows businesses to run globally.

24 x 7 Customer Service + Managed Service
A dedicated 24-hour Technical Support Centre.

A Dedicated Digital Internet Access
The dedicated digital link provides guaranteed speed and security.

Internet Access – Instantaneous And Highly Reliable
The superior performance enables Content and Online Service Provider to run critical Internet applications.

Unlimited IP Addresses
With a maximum of one block of Class C or 254 IP addresses, customers can configure their network in unlimited ways.

Online Bandwidth Utilisation Report
Free 24 x 7 online bandwidth utilisation report to monitor the service usage.

Available Bandwidths

TM offers a variety of transmission speeds that caters to your needs and requirement.

  • 64 kbps
  • 128 kbps
  • 256 kbps
  • 512 kbps
  • 768 kbps
  • 1.5 Mbps
  • 2 Mbps
  • 4 Mbps*
  • 6 Mbps*
  • 8 Mbps*
  • 34 Mbps
  • 45 Mbps
  • 100 Mbps
  • 155 Mbps
  • 1 Gbps

For other bandwidths, please enquire from our Account Executives for service availability.

* Multiplication of 2 Mbps

Service Requirements


The basic equipment required to get connected to Direct service is a router of any type with interface that is compatible with the Network Terminating Unit (NTU) interface provided by TM (also based on the bandwidth subscribed) as specified below:

  • 64 kbps – 2 Mbps – router with V.35 serial connector
    (also applied for multiple of 2 Mbps)

  • 2Mbps - 90 Mbps – router with Fast Ethernet port, single mode fibre

  • ​90 Mbps - 1 Gbps – router with optical Gigabit Ethernet port, single mode fibre

However the specifications stated above could be also vary depending on customer's equipment specifications. Customer will also need to make sure that the router used supports the requirement of the subscribed bandwidth.

How to Apply

You can enquire for the service via the following:

​Customer Service​100
​Email us at​

Or contact our Sales representative.

Value Added Services



Service Level Guarantee or SLG for short is the commitment of a stipulated level of service agreed from an ISP to its customer. In TM, we are committed to give the best quality and guaranteed service to support your business with the following benefits:

A 24-hour pro-active fault monitoring by a dedicated technical team on all circuits with SLG arrangement

Online reporting website on bandwidth utilisation and performance of Direct service, which includes latency, packet loss and the average monthly report. The online reporting website is available at ​​​.

Guarantee the quality of service to be maintained and fulfilled by TM

Customer could ensure that the Internet access to be always up and running thus improving service availability

Receive priority treatment on technical support as compared to other non-SLG customers


xed IP Address is a requirement for customers running DNS, email, web and other application servers. By default, customer will be given 16 fixed IPs but is entitled for up to 254 fixed Ips. Customers need to submit their network diagram to justify for the additional fixed IPs.

BGP is an exterior gateway protocol used to connect between different networks under different AS (Autonomous System) numbers.

Advantages to Direct customers:

  • Could have their own unique AS number and IP address (need to apply from APNIC).

  • Could administer and have full control of their network and IP addresses.

  • Could run 'multi-homing' solution – network connection to multiple ISP for a better reliability, redundancy and security.

The Direct Network Health portal enables customers to view their bandwidth utilisation report online based on the speed subscribed. This web-based service allows customers to view the report online at This service is given free of charge to all Direct customers.

CPE Program is another value-added service for TM customers who subscribe to Direct. Customers can rent the equipments from TM. The equipments currently available in this service are routers and firewalls, which are compatible with Direct service. Please contact your respective Account Executive for further information.

Expedite Request allows the customer to realise their business faster. Customer would benefit from the prioritized services delivery and enjoy using Direct service by the date required.

DSL backup is a backup for Direct over leased line using DSL technology. DSL backup is always-on, high-speed Internet connectivity and protection from downtime. Customer will enjoy Internet service 24 x 7 with minimal service disruption.

h. IPv6
The next version of IP Address is now available for Direct service.

j. DDOS Defence
Protection of customer's network against DDOS attacks. Keeps the customer's online business available during an attack.


​Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

TM is commited to provide the best possible services to all its customers. We have our customers support team to attend to all your Internet needs. If you have any enquiries, TM is always here to help and guide you through. After all, our satisfied clients are our future ambassadors.

View Help Guide (FAQ).

Customer Care

For more information of the product kindly please send an e-mail to

Technical Support
Direct Reporting Center:
Tel : 1060 or +603 - 2275 6000
Fax number : +603 - 2240 6422
E-mail :