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Broadband Internet : Business Broadband

TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.

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With this high-speed connectivity, Business Broadband is an ideal tool to support most broadband applications such as, web hosting, video streaming, e-commerce, distance learning and others.

If you own a small business, you would find Business Broadband an economic addition to your business as it increases bandwidth, at a low cost. And if yours is a large organization, you would benefit from the support Business Broadband can give you for your mission critical applications like e-commerce, net-meetings, streaming audio/video, portal service, web hosting. You'll also enjoy access to the company LAN for telecommuting employees, extranet for valued customers and business partners.

Here is how you can apply for Business Broadband:

  1. TMpoint
  2. Via Online Registration


Reseller Programme

We welcome companies to participate in our Reseller Program to promote and resell the Business Broadband service nationwide. We offer attractive incentives to our resellers based on sales performance. To become a reseller, the company must fulfill the following requirements.

  • It must be a private or public limited company.
  • It must has a minimum paid-up capital of RM100,000.00.
  • It must be in the business of ICT for at least 3 years, preferably in system integration and networking.
  • It must be market oriented and able to command large sales volume.

For those who are interested in becoming our resellers, kindly provide us with a short company profile and email to us at Upon satisfying our requirements, we will email you the Application Form.

SMS Service

TM has introduced a SMS Service, which enables customers to request for information on Business Broadband. Whether you want to check for Business Broadband area, service availability or the status of your broadband application, as well as to activate your Business Broadband account, you can now do so by simply sending an SMS message to 33535 and you will receive a response from TM's online system. Finding out if your area is covered by Business Broadband is now just an SMS away! It's so easy.

Each reply message from TM will be charged RM0.30 to the customer's mobile phone postpaid account or deducted from their mobile phone prepaid balance. Telco SMS charges for each message sent is charged separately.

Here's a simple step on how you can use the service:



Check Service Availability





7:00 a.m. to 8:20 p.m., daily


STX <SPACE> 0355195560

Check Application Status

IC number used must be the same as the IC number submitted during registration.
Currently, this service is only applicable for customers who registered their account using new NRIC number.

​24 hours, daily



STXSTAT <SPACE> 0355195560 <SPACE>


​Account or Service Activation

The mobile phone number that is used to send the SMS must be the same as the mobile number submitted during registration.
This service is only applicable for Streamyx- In-A-Box.

​24 hours, daily







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