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Business Broadband Help Guide

Technical Support

TM Customer Interaction Center : 100
At 100 we can resolve the majority of enquiries efficiently. Though we try to help and resolve all problems that you may encounter, there will be instances where the problem is beyond our technical capacity. Below is a list of some of our limitations and we regret not being able to be of more assistance.

Hardware Conflicts
We will try to identify if there are any hardware failures and make suggestions. Unless TM Net supply the hardware you will have to refer to your hardware vendor for further assistance.

Software Conflicts
If you suspect that there could be a problem with the software installed, the only solution may be removal of other conflicting software and the reinstallation of TM Net software.

Operating System
If you encounter problems like illegal operation (blue screen) or fatal exception errors, which are OS related, please refer to your PC vendor for assistance.

Virus infected systems
We are unable to assist in the cleaning of infected systems. However, we do reccomend that you regularly update your virus protection and scan your PC at regular intervals.



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