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Broadband Internet : Equipment & Requirements

TM provides corporate and government agencies with responsive customer support, dedicated and customised solutions coupled with up-to-date communications technology.


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Equipment needed:

  • Telephone line - TM fixed line or Centrex only
  • AC Power supply for the Streamyx modem
  • Internal Wiring
  • Hubs, Routers, Server (for Networking purposes)
  • PC (with CD drive) + LAN Connection Card (NIC)


Equipment provided by TM:

  • Splitters
  • Micro Filters
  • DSL Modems


In order to work with DSL system, your PC needs the following minimum specifications:
A) For Windows OS Computers:

  • Pentium 233 or equivalent processor
  • Windows 98 and above
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 2.1GB hard disk capacity (30MB of free hard disk space)
  • LAN connection card (NIC)*
  • CD ROM Drive (for loading the modem software)


* Note: To check whether your PC is equipped with a LAN connection card (NIC), you can either go to control panel/system/hardware/device manager and check the hardware listing or check the slots on your computer for a network card.

B) For Mac OS Computers:

  • Power PC Macintosh with system 7.6.1 or later
  • 32 Mb RAM
  • 10 Mb free hard disk capacity,
  • Ethernet port
  • Mac OS X version 10.1.2 above only (At present lower versions are not supported)


Requirements for Business Broadband
Things you should know:

  • The customer premise must be within the service coverage area.
  • The customer must have a direct connection through a TM fixed line. This must link the premise to the TM exchange where the DSL is available.
  • Ezeephone, ISDN, hunting lines and CDMA service do not support Business Broadband.
  • Telephone lines served with fiber connections are supported at limited areas only.


Upon any application of the Business Broadband service, TM will check that all requirements are fulfilled before the service can be provided to the customer. The applicant must own a telephone line. Below are the basic arrangements at a customer's premise:

Note: Cost of Business Broadband SDSL installation and internal wiring at customer's premises will be borne by customer.
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