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Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is pleased to announce another first in the world to successfully conduct a Standalone (SA) dedicated 5G Network mode test on both C-band and 700 MHz, simultaneously on a converged 5G core network.

This is following TM’s recent announcement on recording a number of firsts for TM and the country in the region:

  1. Updated its Radio Access Network (RAN) nodes and devices to support 700 MHz SA dedicated 5G network. 
  2. Deployed 700MHz 5G SA dedicated network 
  3. Achieved 1.5Gbps for 5G speed tests conducted within its 5G use cases sites.
  4. Equipped Langkawi with 5G, making it the first Smart Tourism Island in the world
Dato’ Noor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin, Group Chief Executive Officer, TM said: “Today we marked another milestone as we become the first in the world to have successfully conducted a Standalone (SA) dedicated 5G Network mode test on both C-band and 700 MHz, simultaneously on a converged 5G core network; within less than a month since our C-Band was put on air. SA is the eventual state of 5G network architecture, brings new 5G capabilities such as ultra-low latency and advanced network-slicing functions, which will open up many new use cases especially for the enterprises. Coupled with 700 MHz spectrum, this can ensure increased coverage nationwide, where many new 5G services can be further delivered; thus enabling greater reach to the population towards addressing the digital divide. 700 MHz spectrum will enable fast and wide 5G deployment and together with the C-band spectrum, the network will be ready to take on the traffic of multiple network operators, on top of enterprise verticals; living up to our aim to become the nation’s 5G network infrastructure provider.”

“These many firsts accomplished by TM in these recent weeks are testament of our commitment to accelerate the delivery of 5G services nationwide. What this really means to the nation and to all Malaysians is that, 5G can be delivered in the most efficient manner to benefit the rollout and the nation. This signifies our support for MCMC’s aspiration in progressing humanity especially with use cases. The other thing that we would also like to highlight is the development of the 5G use cases by our R&D and innovation arm, TM Research and Development Sdn Bhd (TM R&D) were fully developed by our very own in house and local talents; and all the use cases developed by TM R&D are embedded with security, real-time analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the national telecommunications infrastructure provider of Malaysia’s Digital Nation aspirations, we aspire to not only enable the ecosystem but also plans to be a neutral partner for industry players and collaboration partners towards 
serving a more digital society and lifestyle, digital businesses and industry verticals, as well as digital Government towards improving the quality of lives of the Rakyat,” he added.

TM is currently participating in the 5G Demonstration Project (5GDP) currently undertaken by Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). The Company has already embarked on a total of 11 use cases in Langkawi and deployed the operations of an Integrated Operations Command Centre (IOCC), also known as 5G Command Centre (5GCC), which is at the heart of 5G implementation in Langkawi. For 5GDP in Langkawi, TM has deployed the highest number of 5G use cases among the participating telcos and all the 5G network and use cases sites can be monitored via the dashboard at the 5GCC 24/7 by TM’s expert, qualified technical team. It is also linked to the local authorities and emergency response services which allow for the communities as well as tourists to experience a smarter, safer living. In addition, TM also opens the 5GCC for all other Service Providers to deploy their monitoring dashboards so all relevant data can be centralised for collective insights.

There are tremendous other benefits of 5G based on the 11 5G use cases deployed by TM such as reduced latency; real time data and application; public safety and security; smarter and more efficient traffic, parking, vehicles, water monitoring and management systems; enhanced service quality; enhanced retail and hospitality experience and many more. Let us illustrate some examples based on several key 5G use cases deployed by TM in Langkawi:

  • Safety and Security:
    • ​Local residents and tourists will experience a smarter, safe and secure living from crime or any undesirable incidents with increased public safety and public surveillance.
    • The authorities are able to mobilise resources swiftly as soon as they receive alerts and notifications during any undesirable incidents or emergency situations, thereby improving their ability to react and respond to the Rakyat's needs in a timely manner for any emergencies.
    • Being integrated and connected to TM’s emergency response command centre, extension of real-time video streaming (of emergency situation) to respective public safety agencies can reduce waiting time and help can be dispatched even before a call is made to the emergency services. As a result, crimes can be deterred or prevented from escalating further. 

  • ​​​Analytics:
    • TM believes that the key to enrich the nation and progressing humanity is the development of a truly open and innovative smarter platforms that can create a complete eco-system for growth and prosperity. TM R&D has developed Malaysia’s first Open Software Development platform called Open Innovation Platform (OIP) that can aggregate and provide data analytics for all TM’s use cases to enable all participants to work seamlessly. This will create a robust eco-system, which can then generate better insights and spawn the creation of new services.
    • Local residents will enjoy a multitude of benefits in terms of smarter and more efficient traffic, parking, vehicles, water monitoring and management systems; enhanced service quality with near real-time service alerts to consumers; enhanced retail and hospitality experience with customised services; and at the same time, empowering local agencies in promoting tourism safety and attractions effectively;

  • ​Smart Agriculture:
    • ​Smart Agriculture will benefit not only existing farmers but also potentially open new possibilities for budding entrepreneurs. 
    • Farmers are able to have access to key data parameters that are important to ensure that the crops grow optimally with minimal human intervention, thus significantly enhancing farm maintenance and improve cost management. 
    • ​The citizens, on the other hand, will have access to better quality, fresh and clean vegetables that are produced without using any harmful chemicals (no pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are used) at a competitive cost. The vegetables are also produced close to end consumers which significantly reduces the cold chain, and ensures that the vegetables are moved "From the Farm to the Plate in 45 minutes".


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