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Terms & Conditions


iTalk software dialer: The following terms and conditions shall bind all users of iTalk Mobile Dialer:

1.     Each iTalk Mobile Dialer will be free for download.

2.     The user shall be responsible, upon download the iTalk Mobile Dialer ensure that the mobile phone is in good working condition.

3.     User can decide to revert to normal mode or vice versa in two(2) ways:

    • Go to Main Menu  > Settings > Call Mode > Select iTalk Mode/ Normal Mode; OR
    • Dial *00 [Notification will appear to state the current Mode]

4.     User have three(3) options to download:

    • Website – Go to here, select application that is suitable to your mobile phone OS and follow the rest of the instructions.
    • Mobile phone – click mobile browser and type ( on your mobile web micro browser. Follow the instructions to install.
    • SMS - Type in italk<><retailer_id> on your mobile phone text message and send the SMS to 33199.  3 (three) digits Retailer_id is an optional if you have the information. You will receive a free text message containing a URL link.  Press on URL link and follow the instructions to install.

5.     TM shall not be responsible for any damage to any mobile phone and its software.

6.     iTalk Mobile Dialer can only be used with selected mobile phones only (mobile phone OS is compatible with iTalk Mobile Dialerapplication)

        and cannot be used with a fixed line telephone.

7.     Users must also ensure that their mobile phones are Symbian, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7& JAVA

        Micro Edition (J2ME) as approved and compatible to be used with iTalk Mobile Dialer.

8.     User should purchase minimum amount iTalk card to make a call

9.     The value of all iTalk which is used in iTalk Mobile Dialer shall be in Ringgit Malaysia.

10.  Users may seek assistance from sale personnel to assist them to install download iTalk Mobile Dialer to ensure its effective usage or call TM's

        help desk by dialing 100 for further inquiries.

11.  iTalk Mobile Dialer can only be used for calls made from Malaysia.

12.  TM shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage of property resulting from the use or misuse of iTalk Mobile Dialer.

13.  Terms and Conditions of iTalk Card shall also apply to all users of TM's iTalkMobile Dialer.

14.  Any dispute arising out of or resulting from the use of iTalk Mobile Dialer shall be decided in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

15.  TM reserves the right to amend and omit the terms and condition of TM iTalk Mobile Dialer.