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iTalk Mobile Dialer

The iTalk Mobile Dialer is the latest product enhancement from iTalk. It eliminates the need memorize the destination number and directly call from your mobile contact or phonebook. All an iTalk user needs to do is download the iTalk Mobile Dialer software for FREE directly from the Internet to his or her mobile telephone and start making calls. To make calls, just dial number from mobile contact & START TALKING!

The benefits of iTalk Mobile Dialer are as follows:

Overcoming the complication of traditional Missed Call Back features which:

  1. Eliminates the need to initially call iTalk access number at 1-800-87-3636
  2. Eliminates the need to remember and key in the destination number
  3. Enable calls to be made immediately from mobile device’s phonebook


Less time consuming:

  1. Removal of balance announcement to speed up the connectivity to the destination number
  2. Reduce the time taken to make a call in case a wrong number is keyed in as the user need not to dial the access number and go through all the steps all over again
  3. Easy to download and simple installation process


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