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Homeline - Local

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When you subscribe for a basic telephone service, TM will provide you with an individual direct exchange line and a telephone set which you may choose from a range of colours. A basic monthly rental will be levied while additional phone sets to be used as extensions can be provided at minimal additional rental.


Deposit : RM75.00 

(* An additional RM 1000.00 deposit is required for non-Malaysians)

Stamping Fee : RM10.00


Rental Charges

Residential Rate (Monthly)
Peninsular MalaysiaSabah/Sarawak


Activation Charge: RM50.00 (Payment to TM)

Installation Charge: RM30.00 (Payment to TM's Contractor)

New Internal Wiring: RM20.00 (Payment to TM's Contractor)


1. Every additional 1 meter is charged RM5.00

2. The charges are also applicable for the external removal (ER)


Reconnection Fee

When a subscriber's service has been temporarily disconnected, a charge of RM10.00 will be imposed for service reconnection.


Local Call

  • Calls within a town area (e.g. within Ipoh)
  • Calls between a town within the same charge area (e.g. Ipoh to Pulai)
  • Calls from a town to another town in an adjacent charge area (e.g. Ipoh to Chemor)



Each charge area consists of one town or several towns grouped together

Price for Local Calls

  • First 2 Minutes : 8 sen
  • Subsequent minute or part thereof :4 ​​sen/minute


Price is exclusive of GST.