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Centrex is an office communication system that has a function similar to the PABX system, which is widely used in the country. Besides functioning as a direct line and extension, Centrex has all the basic features for office and home communication needs. Centrex service can operate with or without operators to receive incoming calls.


Direct Access

All calls are connected via direct lines without the need for operator’s assistance No more lines congestion or missing out of important calls
No up-front capital or initial investment. You are only required to pay monthly subscription and call charges
* You can save substantially on administrative and repair costs as all servicing and repairing is taken care of by TM
Operators and receptionist are no longer mandatory. Your telephone system will be monitored and maintained 24 hours a day by TM
Accommodates company’s expansion as the number of phone lines in the office can easily be increased
One-stop Solution
Fulfils all your telecommunications needs, saving you the time and troubles of going to different vendors
Total Control
Centrex’s wide range of features can handle your calls more efficiently, giving you total control over your business opportunities
Cost Saving For Multi-location
Same business group (BBG) from the same exchange coverage area can communicate with each other via extension calls which are free of charge
Directory Listing
For every Centrex extension if required


Direct Dial In :
All incoming calls are directly connected to a specific extension without going through a receptionist or a telephone operator.
Call Transfer :
This feature allows you to transfer incoming calls to another extension.
Call Pick-Up :​​
Pick up a call from a nearby telephone by using a special code.
Call Forwarding :
Call to a specific number is automatically forwarded to another pre-assigned line or extension.
Call Forwarding on No reply :
After several rings, the call is re-routed to another pre-assigned line or extension.
Call Forwarding on Busy :
Automatically forward an incoming call to another pre-assigned extension when your line is busy.
Call Waiting :
This feature allows the extension to be notified of an incoming call when you are on the line with the first party. You can then put the first party on hold to attend to the second caller.
Camp On Busy :
This feature calls back both parties automatically as soon as the busy party is free. It’s just like booking a call beforehand when the first call is unsuccessful.
Abbreviated Dialing :
Program a 2-digit abbreviated dialing code for frequently dialed numbers, thus saving time by just dialing the code number.
Reminder Call :
The extension can be programmed to alert the user at the required time. You won’t be late for an appointment again.
Outgoing Call Barring :
Restricts certain lines from making calls to specific area codes.
Hot-Line With Time Supervision :​​
The phone is set up with a short time-out period. To make ordinary calls, the required number is dialed before the time-out period expires.
Three-Way Call Conference (cannot co-exist with Call Transfer) :
Include a second person into your call to create a three-way call. However, this feature cannot co-exist with Call Transfer.
Optional Features
Itemised Billing :
Provides automatic caller identification. Perfect to avoid crank calls and also to store callers’ numbers. Other features include sequential call number display plus the date and time of each call. Another way to never miss any important calls again.

Caller Line Identification :
Gives you detailed record of calls made, so you can monitor closely on your employees’ business performance and be cost effective.


Centrex HOME

Solve your home telecommunication woes with Centrex HOME. The office telecommunications expert now brings easy maintenance and excellent coverage at a great rate to homes which need at least 3 lines. Get the best service with all the facilities at minimum cost. With more extensions that act like direct lines and so many added features, Centrex HOME is where smart communication is.


Centrex HOME provides facilities such as:

  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding on Busy
  • Call Forwarding on No Reply
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Pickup
  • Intercom
- First 3 lines rental
- Additional line rental
= RM 56
= RM 12 / line/month
Connection Fee
- First line 
- For every additional line installed with the first line
= RM 50
= RM 10
Re-connection Fee
- Per line= RM 10
Initial Deposit
- First 3 lines
- For every additional line
= RM 100 
= RM 75