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​CDMA - Wireless Services


Homeline Wireless

1. FWT, Patch Antenna (if required) and Adapter will be supplied to customers by TM
2. FWT will be installed at customer's premise/office.
3. Customers are required to ensure that power supply for the FWT is available since the back up battery can only last for 3 hours of talk time.



How and where to subscribe to the Homeline Wireless Telephone service?

a) TMpoint
Customers can apply and register at any TMpoint where service coverage is available.
b) Pejabat Telekom Tempatan (PTT)
Customers can apply and register at the PTT centres where the service coverage is available.
Introducing Mobile Homeline
You can now roam at any point within the assigned area code. PLUS you can also SMS, make internet connection. All at normal fixed line rate as low as 4sen a minute.



Charges are as per the normal Homeline/Businessline rates, while rental fees and call charges are those applicable to PSTN lines. The rental and activation charges are as follows:

1. Expatriate1000.00
2. Malaysian Citizen75.00
a) Activation Fees by TM50.00
b) Installation Fees 
1. Homeline Wireless Terminal30.00 - 50.00
2. External antenna (if required)50.00
Monthly rental
a) Residential25.00
b) Business45.00

Price inclusive of GST

Call Charges

Call Charges are as per the normal PSTN tariff structure
TM offers an option to select your preferred type of Homeline Wireless phone set, either Homeline Wireless Terminal (FWT) or Mobile Fixed Wireless phone set. FWT phone set rental is charged for equipment provided by TM. No rental is charged for the Mobile phone set and customers are required to purchase the mobile phone set from TMpoint.

Equipment provided by TM
FWT Rental : RM12.00
FWT Deposit : RM100

Price inclusive of GST​ 

Service Chargers

Description Charge Rate
Deposit RM75 (Residential)
  RM200 - RM500 (Business)
Connection Fee RM50 
(FREE until December 2005)
Monthly Rental RM25 (Residential)
RM45 (Business)
Call Charges As low as 4sen/minute (local calls)
Call charges as per the normal Homeline 
Businessline tariff structure


  • Celcom
  • Homeline/Businessline SMS
  • Homeline/Businessline Wireless
  • Subject to service availability
  • Terms & conditions apply

Price is exclusive of GST.