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Value Added Services


Global Roaming

What is Global Roaming?

Stay in touch with your colleagues and business affiliates while abroad via the Global Roaming service. This is a value added service to enhance your Internet access experience from almost anywhere in the world at any time. It provides users with the ability to locally access the Internet from over 28,000 remote dial-up access locations in more than 150 countries.

You can also gain broadband access in over 91,000 hotspot locations at airports, hotels, convention centres and cafes around the world via wired or wireless connections.

  • Roaming charges are significantly less than long distance call charges.
  • Good quality Internet connections at the rate of local call charges.
  • Log onto the Internet from almost anywhere around the world with one Internet account.
  • Easy access to all Internet services with just a few moments of roaming software client installation.


What are the benefits?

  • A service that allow TM customers to access internet almost anywhere in the world when they travel.
  • Offered for Streamyx customers and 1515/1525, postpaid customers.
  • Global Roaming
  • Narrowband
  • Broadband


Who Should Apply

  • Frequent traveler.
  • Mobile workers.

This service is available for all 1515, 1525 and Streamyx subscribers




The global roaming service charges will be billed to your monthly TM bill. These charges exclude the local phone charges and other telecommunications charges of the country you are visiting.

No Additional Login Registration Charge
1 iPass FOC Narrowband RM 0.15 to RM 0.95 (per min.) depending on location
      Broadband Region
(RM per minute)
(RM per minute)
        North America 0.40
        Western Europe 0.71
        Asia Pacific 0.71 0.48
        Other Regions 1.00 1.00

Should there be any enquiry regarding Global Roaming charges, please contact your TM Account Manager or call 100


How It Works

The Dialer

Customer must download and install dialer into their notebook before they go oversea.

iPassConnect 2.39 for Mac OS X [ Download ]

Minimum Hardware Requirements
• Apple computer capable of running Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 (Leopard)
- Apple PowerBook G4, MacBook,MacBook Pro, Mac mini
- Apple MacBook Air is not supported
• 512MB RAM
• 500mb free disk space

iPassConnect 3.62 for Windows [ Download ]

iPassConnect 3.62 now supports the following new Operating Systems:
• Windows Vista SP1
• Windows Vista Home Premium Edition SP1
• Windows XP SP3

The iPassConnect Client contains an international phone book with iPass access points and login information. A simple point-and-click interface acts as an "assistant" and creates a connection to the Internet based on the country, city and phone number selected.


I am having difficulties accessing my e-mail using Global Roaming Service.

​In order for you to successfully retrieve or send e-mails while roaming, please ensure that your mail server setting is as follows:
Incoming mail (pop3) :
Outgoing mail (SMTP) :

I am having difficulty connecting to the number I have selected

​Should you encounter problems connecting to an access number, try an alternate number within the region you are traveling. If you can connect successfully to another number, it may indicate the initial access number or site is temporarily unavailable. Make sure that you are dialing the required prefixes and local dial code for the region. (Many hotels require that you dial a number to get an outside line). If you are unable to connect to other access numbers, this may indicate that your modem is not well connect to the phoneline or that you have a modem compatibility problem. Consult technical support or your modem manufacturer.

I can't hear a modem sound on the other end of the line.

​Check to see if your modem is turned on and attached correctly to your computer and the phone system. Also, check if the phone system is digital. If it is, you will need to have a special adapter to connect. An alternative is to request access to a fax line since they must be analogue to function. Check for pulse or tone dialing to ensure you select the appropriate option in your software. You can also call the modem number with your handset to ensure that it is a modem line. If the access number is incorrectly published, please advise technical support.

I get a busy signal when dialing into an access number while I'm roaming.

​Occasionally there are times when an access point will be busy. The iPass roaming service often solves this problem by offering many access point options in the same calling area. If this is not an option, wait a few minutes and try connecting again.

I keep getting a message telling me that I am using an incorrect password.

This is a generic message in your connection software that can indicate that you are using an incorrect login/password (you must use the same password that you use at your home Internet service provider to connect remotely). Always set as the domain in Login Information Setting. If difficulties continue, consult us to ensure your account is active and that you are using the correct user name and password.

I'm using the tmnet dialer, can I use this dialer to dial iPass?

​No, you cannot use the tmnet dialer to dial to iPass number.

My connection occasionally gets dropped or hung in the middle of my session.

This could be a result of line noise. Your line might drop out unexpectedly if the country you are visiting has a poor telecommunications system or the line you are trying to connect to has audible interference. In this case, you will need to disconnect and redial in through the access number.

My World Wide Web (WWW) access is really slow.

If your access to the World Wide Web is slow, it may be due to one of the following:

Slow Network Response
A noisy telephone line often causes slow transmission speed; this is often the case in hotels. This can cause modems to work at a slower band rate than their top speed because the modem has to correct for data errors. Most iPass access numbers support connections of at least 28,800bps but can be hindered by the telecommunications network in the specific country.

Proxy Servers
Proxy Servers are used by many ISPs that speed up WWW access (they operate like a huge memory of web pages so that popular sites are served from a local source instead of using overseas bandwidth). If your browser is set to use these, you need to disable this until you are accessing your account again from your home ISP.