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Registration of Supplier (ROS)

ROS is one of SRM functionalities which allows interested supplier to do self-registration application online.

Interested to be TM’s supplier?

User Guides:



User Guides:


1. Registration​ Terms
2. User Guide for Registration​

1. TMPoint kiosk​
2. Online Payment

1. Temporary User ID
2. Temporary password

1. How to perform First-time Log In (Post Approval)


Download list of supporting documents for supplier registration. Click here​.

To do registration application as TM supplier, please click Registration of Supplier (ROS)​. By clicking Registration of Supplier (ROS), you are deemed to agree to above Registration Terms of TM supplier registration, and will provide and upload all required documents during registration application. You are also agreed that your company is not under criminal investigation / charge / conviction / found guilty by any third party (inclusive but not limited to the authorities and/or  enforcement agencies and/or other companies) / court of law for offences and/or misconduct relating to criminal or integrity issue. You are also agreed that there is no existing registered TM supplier having same director and / or shareholder with your company’s director and / or shareholder.

For further enquiries, please click  Supplier Enquiry Form (SEF)