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Dear Valued TM Suppliers,

We would like to share DG Decision ( on issuance of tax invoices starting 1st September 2018. We wish to reiterate once again that the last submission of tax invoices to TM is on 31st October 2018 as you would be able to account the GST output in your GST Final Returns and TM can account the amount for our GST input tax claims in our Final GST Returns. TM will not proceed for payment of GST claim after 31 October 2018 and your invoice will be rejected.

Kindly be reminded to update your company SST information in to avoid any interruptions.

Thank you.

Dear Valued Supplier,

In accordance with the announcement by Ministry of Finance (MOF) on 16 May 2018, Goods and Services Tax (GST) for all products and services provided by TM will be charged at zero percent (0%) effective 1 June 2018.

Kindly be reminded that invoicing with GST 6% or 0%, depends on the Goods Receipt date as follows: 
Item Scenario​​​​ ​Purchase Order Good Receipt​ Invoicing
​1 ​PO issued before 1st June 2018 With GST​ ​User update actual delivery date before 1st June 2018 ​With GST
​2 PO issued before 1st June 2018​​ ​With GST User update actual delivery date after 1st June 2018​ ​Without GST
​3 PO issued after 1st June 2018​​ ​Without GST ​User update actual delivery date before 1st June 2018 With GST
​4 ​PO issued after 1st June 2018​​ ​Without GST ​User update actual delivery date after 1st June 2018 ​Without GST

​Zero-rated GST is still applicable on fees and charges for the following transactions:​

  1. New Supplier registration (RM150.00)
  2. Existing Supplier registration renewal (RM100.00)
  3. Supplier delisting  (RM200.00)
  4. Purchase of tender document
  5. Disposal purchase of scrap materials

Guideline :

1. Updated Announcement and FAQ for zero-rated GST​

2. How to update GST Information at SRM SUS Portal​

3. GST change impacts on SRM SUS Portal​

4. FAQ for GST​